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Butler Chain Of Lakes Fishing Guide

Did you know that Florida has more than 30,000 lakes? The beautiful butler chain of lakes makes a great destination for bass fishing.

The naturally formed crystal clear lakes create and relaxed atmosphere for avid anglers. Keep reading to learn more about these lakes and bass fishing trips.

Bass Fishing the Butler Chain of Lakes

Bass fishing anglers will enjoy more warm fishing weather in Florida. There are fewer months of cold, windy weather. The Central Florida lakes provide a great Largemouth Bass fishing experience.

Bass Fishing The Butler Chain of Lakes
Largemouth Bass Caught On The Butler Chain of Lakes

Customers on our fishing excursions catch plenty of Bass using many different types of lures including flukes and jerkbait.

If you prefer fishing with flukes, . You can now choose many different colors and brands. Our favorite color is the watermelon red fluke.

Choosing your rigging for soft plastic jerkbait or flukes affords the opportunity for vast creativity. You can choose from a drop shot, shaky head, or Neko rig. Here are 3 great methods to rig a fluke.

Frogs, Spinnerbaits, Topwater, & Texas Rigged Worms

Butler Fishing Video

Fishing for Largemouth Bass can sometimes be challenging because water temperatures are falling and the Bass are usually on the move.

Determining where they’re moving to and what lures are best to catch them is always the challenge. In this video, my customer and I are at the Butler Chain of Lakes in Central Florida.

Water temps are in the low 80’s and the fish should be biting way better than they were. We caught a lot that day, but finding bigger fish was a lost cause. Frogs, spinnerbaits, topwater – walking baits, Texas Rigged worms, and Super Flukes were all used.

Dead Sticking A Fluke

The most often used rig for bass fishing flukes is the weightless Texas rig. This is great for avoiding hang-ups when fishing in grass and cover. This type of rig does miss some bites.

Dead Stick Fluke

You’ll have to hammer them hard to get your hook through the bait and into the fish’s mouth. The best hook is a 4/0 offset Gamakatsu hook. It’s big enough to hook the fish while allowing the fluke to appear natural in the water.

Dead sticking is great for suspended bass located in open, deep water. Use a Texas rigging and cast as far as you can. Leave it there for about 30 seconds to 2 minutes. The idea is to get those sluggish fish when they cruise by.

Carolina Rig

Many bass fishing enthusiasts keep a Carolina rigging as a staple in their tackle box. This works well year-round. This rig is the best for mimicking a dying fish along the bottom.

You’ll want to use a 3/8 oz tungsten weight on a 2-foot leader. This allows the worm action to appear subtle and natural. To keep it from hanging up, put the fluke at the end of the Carolina rig on a 4/0 – 5/0 offset hook.

Black or Junebug colored worms with blue or red flake will work.

About the Butler Chain of Lakes

Butler Chain <a class=Bass Fishing Map” class=”wp-image-127″/>
Butler Chain Bass Fishing Map

Karst topography formed the Butler Chain of Lakes. This process occurs when limestone exposed to water dissolves over time. Sinkholes form and grow.

Most of Florida sits on a bed of limestone. When these sinkholes form, the result is sparkling, pristine, lake systems. Some of the lakes in the Butler Chain of Lakes reach 30 to 40 feet in depth.

Rainwater represents the main source of water in the lakes. The Butler Chain includes 11 different lakes encompassing 1,700 acres.

These lakes were the first designated as “Outstanding Florida Waters” (OFW). The Department of Environmental Regulation of the State of Florida oversees this recognition. The OFW criteria look for excellent water quality and wildlife habitat.

The OFW provides protection to the lake system. The DER ensures that no contaminants enter the water and harming the lake’s water quality.

Location: Lakeside Park, Lake Butler, North of NW 3rd St., Lake Butler, FL 32054

Public Boat Ramps: Government-owned for general public access. This is a stand-alone ramp located on freshwater Butler Lake. There is a single lane, concrete ramp, and asphalt public parking.              

Lake Down

The most northern lake in the Butler Chain is Lake Down spanning 911 acres. Several neighborhoods border this lake. You can exit the lake through a canal on the western side and enter Wauseon Bay.

All canals are “NO-WAKE” zones. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department and the Florida Marine Patrol. enforce these zones.

Location: 9619 Conroy Windermere Rd, Windermere, FL 34786

Public Boat Ramps: Enter on Conroy-Windermere Road across from the Isleworth entrance. There is no public parking. It’s open daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. during the summer and 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the winter.

Wauseon Bay

Wauseon Bay is a 1,686-acre body of water. This serves as a connection between Lake Down and Lake Butler.

The east side of the bay between the canal and Bumby Point is a “NO-WAKE” zone. Exiting from the south side of Wauseon Bay takes you onto Lake Butler.

Location: Wauseon Dr, Windermere, FL 34786

Public Boat Ramps: There are no public boat ramps on the bay.

Lake Tibet

The second largest lake in the chain, measuring 1,070 acres, is Lake Tibet. It’s a long lake with bays on the east and west side. To reach the private marina, you must travel through one of 2 canals from the east-side bay.

A slalom course is located on the southeast side of the lake. The southwestern side fronts a nature preserve.

You can travel via a short canal on the south side to enter Lake Sheen. A northside canal takes you to Lake Chase.

Location: Lake Tibet, Florida 34786

Public Boat Ramps: There are no public boat ramps on this lake.

Lake Sheen

The circular-shaped 569-acre body of water is Lake Sheen. This lake offers great fishing and room to ski. The Orange County Sportsman’s Association club sits on the shoreline. This private club has a boat launch and picnic facility for members.

The Lake Sheen Reserve located on the southwest side offers community access to the lake. A canal located on the south side of the lake takes you to Pocket Lake.

Location: Lake Tibet, Florida 34786

Public Boat Ramps: There are no public boat ramps on this lake.

Pocket Lake

Another roughly circular-shaped 128-acre lake is Pocket Lake. On the west side, you will find a well-maintained slalom course. The southwest corner of the lake has a canal leading to Little Fish Lake.

You need to use caution when navigating this canal. It’s over ¼ mile long and has two right-angle turns. There are often obstacles, such as sunken logs, at these turns so take care of your prop as you go.

Location: Pocket Lake, Florida 32836

Public Boat Ramps: There are no boat ramps on this lake.

Little Fish Lake

The smallest lake is Little Fish Lake. It’s about 24 acres and often very weedy. You may only enter and exit through the canal to Pocket Lake.

Location: Little Fish Lake, Florida 32836

Public Boat Ramps: There are no public boat ramps on this lake.

Lake Chase

Lake Chase covers 142 acres and has the Isleworth Country Club and Isle of Osprey on its shores. There is community access to the lake at the Bay Hill Country Club.  

A canal exits to Lake Tibet just beyond the Isleworth’s floating docks. You can also exit to Lake Blanche via a long narrow canal located on the northeast corner. It passes under the bridge to the Isle of Osprey.

This canal has parallel boat docks on its east side. Large boats often have trouble passing oncoming boats in this narrow canal.

Location: 9494 Lake Chase Island Way, Westchase, FL 33626

Public Boat Ramps: There are no public boat ramps on this lake.

Lake Isleworth

Lake Isleworth is a 56-acres circular shaped pool. The medium depth is about 17 feet.

It’s located on the canal south of Lake Louise. A canal on the southside of Lake Isleworth takes you to Lake Tibet.

Location: Lake Isleworth and Lake Palmer are often shown together. Lake Palmer, Lake Butler, FL 34786.

Public Boat Ramps: The R.D. Keene Park boat ramp is the only community park on Lake Isleworth. The address for the park is 10900 Chase Rd, Windermere, FL 34786.

R.D. Keene Park spans 52 acres and has 2 soccer fields, a large covered playground, and a picnic area. You can also reserve a place for camping.

The park is open daily from 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. during the summer and 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the winter.

Public parking is available. Some fees apply to certain vehicles. The concrete boat ramp does not allow waiting or “drop and go”.

Lake Louise

A 151-acre area on the canal from Lake Butler to Lake Tibet is Lake Louise. It’s a long, narrow lake. This makes it an attractive lake for skiers.

A long canal at the south end of the lake takes you to Lake Isleworth.

Location: Lake Louise, Florida 32060

Public Boat Ramps: There are no public boat ramps on this lake.

Lake Blanche

Lake Blanche is another circular pool. This 122-acre lake’s only exit is through a canal that leads to Lake Chase. This lake is classified as a swamp located in Orange County Florida.

Location: Lake Blanche, Florida 34786

Public Boat Ramps: There are no public boat ramps located on this lake.

Are You Ready to Go on a Fishing Expedition?

Florida Fish And Wildlife Commission Logo

Before you do you will definitely need a Florida Fishing License. Purchasing a license is easy and all individuals 16 years old and over are required to have their own recreational licenses.

Purchase a fishing license from Florida Fish and Wildlife: https://www.gooutdoorsflorida.com/

If you are ready for some bass fishing in the pristine, naturally formed butler chain of lakes, we are your connection.

Guide Fishing specializes in providing bass fishing charters to many destinations. The Bass Fishing Guide boat ramp is located in the R.D. Keene Park Butler Chain or Windermere Chain. The address is10900 Chase Rd., Windermere, FL 34786.

Contact us today to book your bass fishing charter.

What lakes are a part of the Butler Chain of Lakes?

The Butler Chain of Lakes is 13 interconnected lakes: Down (900 acres), Little Lake Down (23 acres), Wauseon Bay (100 acres), Butler (1,600 acres), Louise (140 acres), Isleworth (86 acres), Blanche (121 acres), Chase (135 acres), Tibet-Butler (1,200 acres), Unnamed lake (14 acres), Sheen (656 acres), Pocket (126 acres) and Fish (23 acres). The Butler Chain has a total of 32 navigable canals.

Where are the public boat ramps on the Butler Chain?

The R.D. Keene Park boat ramp is located at 10900 Chase Rd, Windermere, FL 34786.

What are the hours for the R.D. Keene Park boat ramp?

The park is open daily from 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. during the summer and 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the winter.

How do you catch largemouth bass at Lake Butler?

Flukes, frogs, spinnerbaits, topwater plugs and worms have been producing quality bass on the Butler Chain of Lakes

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