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Johns Lake Fishing Guide

Johns Lake is a part of the Ocklawaha River Watershed in Winter Garden, Orange County Florida. The 2,424-acre lake has two distinct water pools (East & West) with a connecting channel. This guide should help you while bass fishing johns lake.

The honored pastime can also boost your levels of Vitamin D and help promote stress relief. In the state of Florida, a number of lakes provide healthy relaxation to residents and visitors through fishing opportunities.

1. A Great Location

Johns Lake is located just northwest of Orlando. It is only six miles east of Clermont, Florida and 1.4 miles west of the Florida Turnpike on Highway 50. The area around the lake is developed, but there is an open shoreline on the southeast end.

The ramp is capable of launching two boats at the same time with a floating dock that you can tie boats up to. You will find a small area to beach your boat on. 

The parking lot is well-maintained and can hold up to twenty vehicles. An overflow lot across the street will accommodate an additional ten cars.

There is no long boat ride to get out to the fishing spot at Johns Lake. After a few minutes of idling, you will arrive at your first spot. There are plenty of docks for fishing and plenty of undeveloped shorelines for bass fishing.

Bass Fishing Map for Johns Lake
Johns Lake Bass Fishing Map by Mark Evans Maps

To purchase the map above click here.

Remember that Florida requires a fishing license if you cast a line or catch and release. Youth under sixteen years of age, or adults sixty-five years or older, are exempt from this requirement. You will need proof of age and residence.

Those who possess a commercial fishing license, as well as many veterans, are also exempt. Be sure to get a license online or at your local tackle store before venturing out.

2. The Water Has Plenty of Fishing Options

Two main bodies of water make up Johns Lake. They are known as Johns Lake and Johns Lake Main Body. They are similar in size.

To the east of the main bodies of water is a small body of water known as Black Lake. On the west side lies a small body of water known as Clear Lake.

There is the main cut joining both bodies of water, above which you will find a piece of land known as Deer Island. Above Deer Island, the main bodies get connected by a body of water known as Horseshoe.

The main cut is an idle zone that holds some good schooling bass both earlier and later in the day. In the afternoon, areas on either side of the canal are at peak productivity. Carolina rigged worms and lizards can get used as bait.

Ample cover gets provided by thick grass beds, lily pads, reeds, hydrilla, submerged trees, and branches. The fish hold tight to cover in Johns Lake. The waters run twelve feet or deeper in some areas. 

Irregular bottom contours and moderate water fluctuations make it a great place for fish to hide and get caught. Even in high winds, there are plenty of places to fish both in and out of the wind. 

3. Trophy Bass Fishing on Johns Lake

2 Large Bass Form a Fishing Guide on Johns Lake

The largemouth bass is the primary species you will find on Johns Lake. These have beautiful color, and often hide between rocks, among water vegetation, and under the roots and limbs of sunken trees.

Largemouth bass prefers to feed on perch, sunfish, and minnows. Our fishing guides can set you up to fish with artificial baits, live bait or a combination.

Largemouth bass never stops growing. The larger the fish, the older it usually is. 

The State of Florida restocked Johns Lake with bass fingerlings in the early 2000s, after it became inundated with water after a storm. Those fish are now reaching trophy size. Some weigh up to fourteen pounds.

Largemouth bass tends to be more active early and late in the day. They get known for being tough fighters when you are reeling them in. Many of the fish on Johns Lake fight like smallmouth bass.

Bass love to stalk wounded prey, so shredded worms make great bait. You may also wish to choose fish that are fresh during the season you are fishing.

Bass has boney jaws, so a sharp hook is a good idea. Bass swim with the current, so you may want to face the wind while you are fishing. 

The pressure of an oncoming storm will make the bass more active. A great time to fish for them is when the clouds start rolling in. They will be more likely to bite than when it is sunny out.

4. Johns Lake Bass Fishing Tips

Bass love to hang out under lots of covers. Be sure to fish under rocks, wood, boat docks, bass, and lily pads.

On sunny days, bass will hold tight to cover and wait for their meals. You may want to go to the bottom with bait like a jig or a Texas-rigged soft plastic. 

A jig consists of a lead sinker with a hook molded into it. It is usually covered in a soft body to attract fish. Jigs are intended to create a jerky, vertical motion. This stands in contrast to spinnerbaits, which move through the water horizontally.

A Texas rig involves a bullet-shaped weight that gets threaded on a fishing line and followed by a plastic bead. The line is then secured to a hook that is usually offset by a worm hook.

On cloudy days, the bass is much more active and willing to expose themselves to feed. These days, spinnerbaits, chatter baits, and topwater plugs are great for making big catches.

Largemouth Bass Caught With A Fishing Guide on Johns Lake

Spinnerbaits are lures that feature one, two, or more spinner blades on an overhead shaft, combined with a lower shaft that is a lead weight and a hook covered by a skirt. The skirt usually has red tentacles. 

Spinnerbaits are popular bass-fishing lures in shallow areas. They are easy to fish with and fairly weed-free and tangle-free. 

Chatter baits feature a hexagonal-shaped metal blade on a lead-head jig. They are extremely popular for bass-fishing. 

A topwater plug floats and moves around the surface of the water in order to attract fish and attempt to strike the lure. Non-floating versions can be retrieved at a good speed to cause them to travel at the water’s surface.

5. What To Bring

If you are a beginner fisherman, it is easy to forget the basics when you go fishing. On cloudy days, remember to bring some quality raingear with you, including a raincoat, rain boots, and an umbrella.

Shorts and T-shirts are fine for warm Florida weather. You will want to wear comfortable tennis shoes or boots, however. Waders will allow you to walk into the water comfortably.

Remember to bring your fishing license. If you are staying overnight, remember to pack a bag. 

Don’t forget your sunscreen and insect repellant. You will want to remember to pack any medications you need. You may need a waterproof bag for transporting your necessities on the boat.

Remember to bring your phone and camera, and bring portable chargers if you plan to take pictures. Polarized sunglasses are also a good idea because they will block the sun and allow you to see through the water without glare. Many fishers also like to bring a lightweight hat to block out the sun.

Remember to bring your basic tackle, which will involve medium-heavy to heavy rods, spooled rails, and great expectations to have a good time. 

An extra pair of shoes and socks are always a good idea in case you get wet. You may also want to bring a towel.

6. Vary Your Methods

Both the spring and fall are great times for topwater action in Johns Lake. The summer and winter are better for slower presentation baits and jigging. 

Many anglers recommend trying baits that resemble forage fish. Water pressure is strong on the lake, so you may need to fish differently. Try plastic worms or lipless crankbaits.

Some anglers have had luck on Johns Lake with a Colorado rig. They recommend starting at lake points and working down the ridges until you find fish. Topwater lures, including hula poppers and spooks, get recommended for catching bass. 

Where is Johns Lake Boat Ramp?

Johns Lake boat ramp is located at 13620 Lake Blvd, Winter Garden, FL 34787.Johns Lake Boat Ramp Map

How many ramps are their at Johns Lake Boat Ramp?

Johns Lake boat ramp is big enough to launch two boats at one time. Johns Lake Boat Ramp

How many parking spots are their at Johns Lake Boat Ramp?

There is plenty of boat and trailer parking with at least 28 parking spots available. Johns Lake Boat Ramp Parking

How do you catch largemouth bass at Johns Lake?

The best bait to use to catch more bass is shiners. Artificial baits include swim jigs, chatterbaits, flukes, rattletraps, speed worms, and jerkbaits.Largemouth Bass Caught With A Fishing Guide on Johns Lake

Driving Directions To Johns Lake Boat Ramp

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