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REDCREST 2024 Day 2 Results

Bass Pro Shops REDCREST 2024 Powered by OPTIMA Lithium Day 2 Updates

Day 2 Updates of Bass Pro Shops REDCREST 2024 Powered by OPTIMA Lithium. This blog will be updated throughout the day.

Watch Live: https://majorleaguefishing.com/events/redcrest-2024/live/

Drastic change in weather from Day 01 on Lay Lake, Birmingham, Alabama. Lay Lake is experienceing on and off heavy rain and thunderstorms with temperatures reaching as high as 69°F and a low around 60°F. Contrast to yesterdays highs in the 80’s, the weather presents a different set of circumstances for the anglers to content with.

Qualifying Update 3:30 pm CST Top 20 Anglers Moving On To Day 3

PlaceAnglerDay 1Weight (Fish)Day 2Weight (Fish)TotalWeight (Fish)
1stRyan Salzman35 – 11 (10)30 – 03 (10)65 – 14 (20)
2ndDustin Connell38 – 00 (16)25 – 04 (9)63 – 04 (25)
3rdMichael Neal52 – 09 (21)9 – 04 (4)61 – 13 (25)
4thDalton Head44 – 06 (17)17 – 05 (6)61 – 11 (23)
5thJesse Wiggins24 – 06 (10)35 – 04 (15)59 – 10 (25)
6thCole Floyd32 – 01 (13)26 – 13 (10)58 – 14 (23)
7thJacob Wheeler35 – 09 (15)21 – 03 (8)56 – 12 (23)
8thNick Hatfield29 – 02 (11)24 – 15 (9)54 – 01 (20)
9thAnthony Gagliardi38 – 13 (15)13 – 14 (5)52 – 11 (20)
10thCliff Pace14 – 12 (5)36 – 00 (11)50 – 12 (16)
11thRon Nelson33 – 14 (13)14 – 04 (5)48 – 02 (18)
12thKeith Poche31 – 00 (10)15 – 12 (5)46 – 12 (15)
13thEmil Wagner10 – 04 (4)36 – 07 (13)46 – 11 (17)
14thTakahiro Omori16 – 08 (6)29 – 05 (12)45 – 13 (18)
15thJohn Cox26 – 09 (10)18 – 03 (7)44 – 12 (17)
16thGreg Vinson25 – 01 (9)16 – 12 (6)41 – 13 (15)
17thJonathon VanDam26 – 11 (9)14 – 13 (6)41 – 08 (15)
18thGerald Spohrer22 – 15 (9)17 – 08 (6)40 – 07 (15)
19thAlton Jones Jr.25 – 12 (10)14 – 05 (6)40 – 01 (16)
20thNick LeBrun17 – 05 (6)21 – 12 (8)39 – 01 (14)


Salzman Secures the Lead at Logan Martin Dam

In an exciting turn of events during the Bass Pro Tour, Ryan Salzman has taken the lead, showcasing his angling skills at Logan Martin. With a critical catch of a 4-pounder under his belt, Salzman’s performance has been nothing short of spectacular over the last couple of days. His strategy, focusing on a specific spot near the dam, has proven to be a game-changer. However, space at the dam is limited, presenting a unique challenge for competitors. This constraint might highlight the importance of boat positioning in the upcoming days, as racers vie for the best starting holes—a rarity in Bass Pro Tour events. The next rounds, especially Saturday and potentially Sunday, promise heightened competition and strategy as anglers jostle for position.

The Final Hour: A Race Among Titans

As the fishing day nears its end, the leaderboard sees a tight competition among Cliff Pace, Emil Wagner, and Jesse Wiggins, each surpassing the 30-pound mark. Their achievements are notable, with Wiggins having a solid start, Pace climbing up from the 30th position, and Wagner making a significant leap from 40th. Each angler employs a distinct approach: Wiggins sticks to the banks with a shaky head, Pace positions himself near the dam, and Wagner explores the ‘Scope strategy. Meanwhile, Nick LeBrun fights to remain in the competition, narrowly holding onto the 20th spot, making the race to the cutoff exceedingly tense.

Key Moments and Strategies Unfold

Greg Vinson’s day was highlighted by a notable catch—a 4-11 swim jig fish—securing his spot in the Knockout Round. His success, anticipated and sought after, brings a wave of excitement and forecasts a promising weekend. “It’s about to go off,” Vinson remarked, underscoring his persistent efforts to land a Lay Lake swim jig fish. His achievement signals a potential trend, as several top anglers opt for shallow waters.

In preparation for the challenges ahead, Dustin Connell adopts a strategic approach, venturing up the river toward the Logan Martin Dam. His comprehensive coverage of the area underscores the importance of thoroughness in competitive fishing.

Jesse Wiggins continues to demonstrate his mastery over the shaky head technique, a vital skill for targeting spawning spotted bass on Smith Lake. His approach, focusing on a steep main lake bank away from the strongest currents, yielded a quality spotted bass catch, propelling him into the lead. Wiggins’ expertise and strategic choices underline the intricate nuances of competitive angling, setting the stage for an exciting conclusion to the tournament.


Day 1 Leader Michael Neal still sits on top with a combined weight of 59-09. Today Neal has one fish for 2-05. Jesse Wiggins is now sitting in second place (from 15th) with a day two monster 10 bass for 23-08 Jacob Wheeler is off to a great start with four day two fish for a total of 45-11 which jumps him from 6th to 3rd place.

Currently in 4th place, Cole Floyd has 14-01 with 5 bass.

Event Details


Catch-weigh-immediate release. Every scorable bass per day. Minimum scorable weight 2 pounds.

  • March 14 – Qualifying Round, Day 1 – 50 anglers – Total weight carries to Qualifying Day 2.
  • March 15 – Qualifying Round, Day 2 – 50 anglers – Two-day weight total, Top 20 anglers advance to Knockout Round.
  • March 16 – Knockout Round – 20 anglers – Weights are zeroed. Top 10 advance to Championship Round.
  • March 17 – Championship Round – 10 anglers – Weights are zeroed. Placement is determined by the day’s heaviest weights. Top angler crowned REDCREST Champion.
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