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Mercury Marine New Electric Outboards


Mercury Marine’s new electric outboards, known as the Mercury Marine New Electric Outboards, are setting the standard for sustainable boating with high-performance electric propulsion. This comprehensive guide gives you an inside look into how these outboards are revolutionizing the marine industry with their eco-friendly design and innovative technology, promising a cleaner, quieter, and more efficient boating experience.

Article Overview

Mercury Marine’s Avator Series introduces eco-friendly electric outboards, such as the Avator 7.5e, featuring transverse flux motor technology for enhanced performance, smoother rides, reduced emissions, easy operation, and an impressive battery life.

The incorporation of smart technology in the Avator Series, including advanced controls, digital gauges, a mobile app, and smart battery technology, enhances efficiency, system performance, and offers an intelligently connected, zero-emission boating experience.

Power management systems in the Avator Series provide safety and efficiency, with innovations that improve performance, handle electrical irregularities, and allow users to connect multiple batteries for extended range, ensuring reliable and secure electricity for boating ventures.

The Avator Series: Revolutionizing Electric Propulsion

Illustration of Avator 20e and 35e electric outboards
Illustration of Avator 20e and 35e electric outboards

Experience the thrill of eco-friendly boating with the Avator Series, the latest in electric propulsion systems from Mercury Marine, distinguished by its groundbreaking technology. Among the offerings is the Avator 7.5e, a compact yet powerful electric outboard designed to offer a performance comparable to a 3.5hp internal combustion outboard. Especially designed for small boats, this new line of electric outboards promises to:

  • Redefine the boating experience
  • Provide a quiet and smooth ride
  • Reduce emissions and environmental impact
  • Offer easy maintenance and operation

One of the most remarkable features of the Avator Series is its pioneering use of transverse flux motor technology. This innovative technology leads to enhanced acceleration and superior battery efficiency, positioning it as a significant advancement in the marine electric propulsion sector. With a runtime ranging from 1 to 19 hours, contingent on the throttle position, the Avator Series ensures you never run out of power on the open waters.

The Avator Series transcends the conventional role of providing power by transforming the efficiency and performance of electric boating through superior battery life and range optimization. With its high-torque motor combined with an ultra-efficient three-blade propeller, the Avator Series provides up to 60 minutes or 5 miles of runtime at full throttle and up to 19 hours or 34 miles at 25% throttle with a fully charged 1kWh battery.

Mercury Marine’s Avator Series encapsulates the future of eco-friendly boating performance. The low voltage electric outboards, such as the Avator 20e and 35e, not only promise powerful performance but also underline Mercury Marine’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Ultimately, the Avator Series is set to significantly shape the future of electric propulsion. By delivering a product that merges power, efficiency, and sustainability, Mercury Marine is truly revolutionizing the boating industry, one electric outboard at a time.

Smart Technology Integration

In a world where technological advances fuel innovation, the Avator Series distinguishes itself with its remarkable integration of smart technology. The Avator Electric Propulsion System, engineered by Mercury Marine, incorporates:

  • Advanced controls
  • Digital gauges
  • A mobile app
  • Smart battery technology

These features are not only cutting-edge but also designed to provide an enhanced user experience with connected devices.

Optimizing energy consumption is a key advantage of incorporating smart technology in electric propulsion. It offers the following benefits:

  • Reduces power waste
  • Adjusts power output based on load requirements
  • Enhances performance
  • Ensures zero direct emissions

This contributes to a cleaner and more sustainable boating experience.

The integration of smart technology in the Avator Series brings about significant efficiency enhancements in the electric propulsion systems, including:

  • Utilization of renewable energy
  • Improved reliability and performance of motor systems
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Integration of batteries and other sustainable technologies

As a result, boaters can enjoy a cleaner experience with no exhaust fumes.

A standout feature of the Avator Series is the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its electric propulsion system. The AI in Avator outboards is designed to:

  • Optimize the system’s performance and efficiency
  • Deliver an enhanced boating experience
  • Revolutionize boating by leveraging intelligent capabilities and adaptability

This showcases how Mercury Marine is utilizing AI to innovate the boating industry through the Mercury Marine app.

In conclusion, the seamless incorporation of smart technology in the Avator Series showcases Mercury Marine’s unwavering commitment to innovation. By incorporating cutting-edge technology with a focus on user experience and efficiency, Mercury Marine is setting a new standard for electric propulsion systems.

Power Management and Safety

The Avator Series particularly shines in the vital area of effective power management for electric propulsion systems. Recent advancements include:

  • Enhanced understanding of thruster operation and performance
  • Improvements in materials engineering and thermal management
  • Development of sophisticated power management systems

These advancements have contributed to the overall performance and efficiency of the Avator Series.

The Avator Series, including the Avator 20e and 35e, integrates designs that enhance power generation at the prop shaft, resulting in heightened speed and acceleration. Additionally, the Avator Power Center provides the capability to connect multiple Avator batteries for extended range and run time, ensuring that you never run out of power in the middle of your journey.

Power management technology plays a vital role in enhancing the safety and efficiency of electric propulsion systems engineered for optimal performance. It facilitates:

  • Improved system capability and mobility, which are crucial for vessels
  • Safeguarding these systems from electrical anomalies, ensuring optimal performance
  • Reducing direct emissions

Mercury Marine has taken steps to handle and reduce power surges and other electrical irregularities in its electric propulsion systems. These practices protect the system and any related equipment or vessels, such as aluminum fishing boats, from potential damages caused by electrical irregularities.

Ultimately, the Avator Series’ power management and safety features guarantee a dependable and secure performance for boaters. By focusing on these key aspects, Mercury Marine is setting a new standard for electric propulsion systems.

The Avator 7.5e: A Compact Powerhouse

Illustration of the Avator 7.5e electric outboard on a small boat
Illustration of the Avator 7.5e electric outboard on a small boat

The Avator 7.5e distinguishes itself within the Avator Series with its:

  • Compact design
  • Remarkable power output
  • 52% quicker acceleration than certain competitors
  • High-end system efficiency with a 750-watt rated propeller shaft power
  • Industry-first transverse flux motor technology for faster acceleration and excellent battery efficiency
  • Ultra-efficient three-blade propeller design

The impressive power output of the Avator 7.5e can be attributed to its compact design which integrates the innovative transverse flux motor technology. This industry-first technology not only provides power equivalent to a 3.5hp internal combustion engine but also enables the system to deliver speed and performance comparable to traditional propulsion systems.

The Avator 7.5e also offers visualized range estimates for better planning and navigation, adding another level of convenience for boaters. With this feature, you can plan your journey with confidence, knowing exactly how much battery life you have left.

The Avator 7.5e electric propulsion system is a compact powerhouse designed with a motor voltage of 48-Volt, an input power of 916 Watts, and a rated prop shaft power of 750 Watts. Its runtime offers a variable duration ranging from 1 to 19 hours depending on throttle usage and can sustain operation for 60 minutes or cover a distance of 5 miles under constant full throttle.

To conclude, the Avator 7.5e stands as a symbol of Mercury Marine’s dedication to producing high-performance, environmentally-friendly products. Despite its compact size, it packs a powerful punch, offering impressive speed and acceleration performance that is comparable to traditional combustion engines.

Leadership Perspective

Mercury Marine’s leadership, spearheaded by the company’s president, is fervently dedicated to manufacturing products in a safe and environmentally-responsible way. They stress the significance of safeguarding the planet’s natural resources and enhancing the well-being of all stakeholders. This commitment is evident in their development of low voltage electric outboards, such as the Avator Series.

John Buelow, the current Mercury Marine President, plays a pivotal role in guiding the company towards its sustainability objectives. He is instrumental in implementing strategies and commitments established by the company’s leadership, including the integration of GPS map technology in their electric propulsion systems.


In conclusion, Mercury Marine’s Avator Series is set to revolutionize the world of boating with its innovative features, high performance, and commitment to sustainability. It represents the future of eco-friendly boating performance, offering unmatched speed and acceleration, smart technology integration, efficient power management, and safety features. With the Avator Series, Mercury Marine is truly sailing into a new era of sustainable innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Avator Series in electric propulsion?

The Avator Series in electric propulsion consists of a range of electric outboard motors manufactured by Mercury Marine, offering performance comparable to internal combustion outboards of similar horsepower. It provides reliable and efficient electric propulsion for marine vessels.

How does the Avator Series contribute to the efficiency and performance of electric boating?

The Avator Series optimizes battery life and range, offering up to 60 minutes of runtime at full throttle and up to 19 hours at 25% throttle with a fully charged 1kWh battery, enhancing the efficiency and performance of electric boating.

What smart technologies are incorporated in the Avator Electric Propulsion System?

The Avator Electric Propulsion System incorporates advanced controls, digital gauges, a mobile app, and smart battery technology, providing a comprehensive suite of smart technologies.

How does power management enhance the safety and efficiency of the Avator Series?

Power management technology enhances the safety and efficiency of the Avator Series by improving system capability, mobility, and safeguarding the systems from electrical anomalies. This is crucial for the overall performance and reliability of the electric propulsion systems.

What is Mercury Marine’s stance on sustainability?

Mercury Marine is dedicated to creating and producing products in an environmentally conscious manner, emphasizing the need to safeguard natural resources and enhance stakeholder well-being.

Mike Iaconelli Signs with Berkley For 2024


Fishing pro Mike Iaconelli signs with Berkley, signaling a transformative chapter for hard baits and terminal tackle innovation. This partnership, which Iaconelli signs with Berkley specifically for hard baits and terminal tackle. This relationship merges Iaconelli’s deep angling prowess with Berkley’s advanced manufacturing to offer anglers a new level of fishing experience. Uncover the impact of this collaboration and what it holds for your tackle box.

  • Mike Iaconelli has partnered with Berkley to create innovative hard baits and terminal tackle products, significantly influencing product development with his expertise and elevating the bass fishing experience for anglers.
  • Iaconelli has recommended essential hard baits and terminal tackle, including the Storm Arashi Glide Glide Bait and various hooks and jig heads, to improve bass fishing success rates.
  • Through collaborations with Berkley and his personal success in tournaments like the Bassmaster Classic, Iaconelli has established a list of effective Berkley products and shared techniques to maximize their performance, enhancing his influence and legacy in the sport.

Iaconelli’s Partnership with Berkley

The synergy between Mike Iaconelli and Berkley has elevated the bass fishing scene. This partnership leverages the unique insights and experiences of Iaconelli, a renowned figure in the sport, with Berkley’s cutting-edge technologies and product development prowess. Their combined efforts have led to the creation of innovative hard baits and terminal tackle products that have revolutionized the way anglers approach fishing.

Berkley’s forward-facing sonar technology, for instance, has been hailed as a revolutionary tool in the world of bass fishing. Iaconelli, with his extensive experience and knowledge, has been instrumental in leveraging this technology and similar technologies to their utmost potential, providing anglers with a more sophisticated and effective approach to fishing.

Benefits for Anglers

Iaconelli’s significant contribution to Berkley’s product line is clear. His innovative techniques and strategic approach to fishing have significantly influenced the development of Berkley’s product range, including the Ike-designed Gilly swimbait.

Moreover, Iaconelli’s emphasis on adaptability and ‘fishing the moment’ have been instrumental in improving anglers’ success rates. His insights and strategies have been integral in enhancing Berkley’s products and services, making them more appealing and effective for anglers. Additionally, his educational programs, such as Ike’s Fishing 101, offer practical insights and introduce families to the joy of fishing, adding value to the angling community.

Collaboration Products

The alliance between Iaconelli and Berkley has yielded a variety of innovative fishing products. One of the standout products is the Berkley Powerbait Nessie Soft Glide Bait, a part of the exclusive ‘Iaconelli Series’. This product showcases Berkley’s commitment to providing anglers with top-notch fishing gear that significantly enhances their fishing experience.

In addition to the Berkley Powerbait Nessie Soft Glide Bait, the collaboration has also resulted in the creation of terminal tackle products. These products boast of features such as:

  • the paint brush tail
  • hybrid design
  • specialized joint
  • innovative hooking system

These features set them apart in the fishing tackle market as meta products and provide features that have received a positive reception within the angling community, indicative of their effectiveness and quality.

ccess of bass fishing by improving buoyancy, casting distance, and fish-holding hooks.

Iaconelli’s Top Picks from Berkley

Ai drawing of a man with baits

Over time, Iaconelli has compiled a list of Berkley products he deems to be first-rate. These products have not only proven successful for him but have also been commended by other anglers. Some of his favorites include:

  • Money Badger
  • Stunna
  • Frittside
  • Dime

All of these products are known for their effectiveness in luring fish.

In addition to hard baits, Iaconelli also recommends a range of Berkley swimbaits and terminal tackle. His favorites include the Powerbait Flute Worm and the PowerBait Gilly swimbait. These products are acclaimed for their natural movement and appeal to fish, often enhanced by scents or flavors like the Berkley Maxscent.

Hard Bait Recommendations

For bass fishing, Iaconelli’s favorites among Berkley’s offerings include:

  • Money Badger
  • Stunna
  • Frittside
  • Dime

These hard baits have been tried and tested in various fishing conditions and have proven to be exceptionally effective.

One of the key aspects that Iaconelli highlights about these hard baits is their rigidity and super-solid connection. They hold up well when bounced around hard cover, an attribute that is especially valuable in challenging fishing conditions.

These hard baits have been a part of Iaconelli’s arsenal in many of his tournament victories, testifying to their effectiveness.

Terminal Tackle Recommendations

In terms of terminal tackle, Iaconelli’s preferred Berkley products include:

  • Money Badger
  • Stunna
  • Frittside
  • Dime

These products are known for their durability and effectiveness in a variety of fishing conditions.

One of the distinguishing features of Berkley’s terminal tackles, as highlighted by Iaconelli, is their construction from a specialized, tear-proof mesh. This ensures their integrity when skipping or after catching fish, adding to their reliability and effectiveness.

Tips and Techniques for Using Berkley Products

Iaconelli’s knowledge extends past product suggestions. He also shares valuable tips and techniques for using Berkley products effectively. For instance, he suggests experimenting with various rigging methods and selecting wide wobble crankbaits for warmer water and tight wobble crankbaits for colder water to achieve optimal results.

In terms of terminal tackle, Iaconelli typically uses:

  • Berkley X5 or X9 Braid and Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon lines
  • Berkley PowerBait Water Bug
  • Heavy Tru-Tungsten weights with the 5 inch Berkley Beast
  • Berkley Powerbait Power Hawg

These are his go-to choices for attracting fish in warmer water.

Maximizing Hard Bait Performance

A crucial factor in successful fishing is optimizing your hard baits’ performance. Iaconelli recommends using a variety of rigging techniques to achieve this, including using jigs, directly rigging hard crank baits to the line, and applying the Texas Rig for soft plastics.

Additionally, adjusting the retrieval technique can significantly impact the effectiveness of hard baits. Techniques such as the wind, wind, jerk, pause cadence or a yo-yo retrieve can be more effective in attracting fish. Iaconelli also suggests making long casts to ensure that the lure surpasses the target and using the A-Rig for suspended bass and cold water conditions.

Terminal Tackle Tips

Regarding terminal tackle, Iaconelli suggests beginning with a variety of items like hooks, weights, and jig heads. This can enhance fishing techniques and improve success rates.

Effective utilization of terminal tackle can enhance the lure’s attractiveness to fish and facilitate more effective hooking and securing of them. Some techniques to consider include:

  • Incorporating blades into spinnerbaits, jigs, and plastics to enhance visibility
  • Employing pegs to secure sinkers and prevent movement near cover
  • Ensuring that hooks and sinkers are optimized in case of missed bites or strikes

By implementing these strategies to improve content and improve meta products, you can significantly enhance your ad experience and information manage, ultimately increasing your catch rate, getting more cookies, and providing more options.

Iaconelli’s Impact on the Bassmaster Classic

AI drawing of Mike Iaconelli on a bass boat

Iaconelli has made a significant impact on the Bassmaster Classic. His impressive track record, which includes a victory in 2003 and a remarkable qualification streak of 17 consecutive appearances, is a testament to his skills and expertise in the sport.

Beyond his competitive achievements, Iaconelli’s influence extends to his innovative approach to fishing and his dedication to making the sport accessible to a wider audience. His television shows and educational programs have inspired a new generation of anglers, cementing his legacy in the sport.

Tournament Success

Iaconelli’s success in tournaments attests to the efficacy of Berkley products. He has emerged victorious in seven tournaments with the assistance of Berkley products, including a notable win in his first BASS Open Title.

In addition to his victories, the hard baits from Berkley have played a significant role in Iaconelli’s success during the Bassmaster Classic. Products like the Missile Mini Flip Jig and the Berkley Powerbait Maxscent Meaty Chunk have proven their worth in competitive scenarios, showcasing the impact of the right gear on tournament success.

Inspiring a New Generation of Anglers

Apart from his tournament triumphs, Iaconelli is dedicated to fostering an appreciation for bass fishing in the upcoming generation. His organization, The Ike Foundation, promotes fishing and outdoor activities among young people, particularly in urban areas. The foundation organizes youth fishing tournaments and provides college scholarships, making a tangible impact on the lives of young anglers.

Berkley supports Iaconelli’s mission by creating groundbreaking baits and techniques that captivate and engage new anglers. The PowerBait Jester and the Ike-designed Gilly, for instance, have been instrumental in attracting young people to the sport. Iaconelli’s influence extends far beyond his competitive fishing accomplishments, inspiring a new generation of anglers.


In conclusion, the partnership between Mike Iaconelli and Berkley has revolutionized the world of bass fishing. Their collaborative efforts have resulted in innovative products and techniques that enhance the angling experience. Iaconelli’s insights and recommendations, along with his impressive track record in tournaments, have established him as a leading figure in the sport. His commitment to promoting bass fishing and inspiring the next generation of anglers ensures that his influence will continue to shape the sport for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Mike Iaconelli?

Mike Iaconelli, a renowned angler, will make his comeback to top-level fishing competition in 2022 after a year hiatus and will compete in the Bassmaster Elite Series for the first time since 2018.

How many Bassmaster Classics has Mike Iaconelli won?

Mike Iaconelli has won one Bassmaster Classic.

Where does Mike Iaconelli live now?

Mike Iaconelli currently lives in South Jersey, after growing up in South Philly.

Who is Mike Ike Iaconelli’s wife?

Mike Ike Iaconelli’s wife is Rebecca “Becky” Iaconelli. They have four children and renew their wedding vows each year with themed or destination wedding ceremonies.

What is the significance of Mike Iaconelli’s partnership with Berkley?

Mike Iaconelli’s partnership with Berkley has resulted in the development of cutting-edge products and techniques, elevating the angling experience and enhancing fishing success.

MLF Releases Marty Stone: Cost Cutting


The world of professional fishing has seen a monumental shift recently, with Major League Fishing (MLF) undergoing significant changes. Notably, Marty Stone, a veteran in the field and a familiar face to fans, is embarking on a new path after more than a decade of being the voice and face of MLF broadcasts.

A New Era for MLF and Marty Stone

Major League Fishing, since its inception over twelve years ago, has been synonymous with Marty Stone. His expertise as a color commentator, stemming from his experience as a tour pro, has been integral to MLF’s success. However, the 2024 season marks a departure from this tradition. Stone, a key figure in MLF’s growth, has been informed that he will not be returning to the broadcast team. This change is part of broader cost-cutting strategies within the organization, not a reflection of Stone’s performance.

One thing for sure is I’m looking forward to having a spring to be able to fish close to home and not have to worry about getting on a plane every week

Marty Stone

The Unexpected Turn and Divine Faith

Stone admits that this development was somewhat unexpected, but he remains steadfast in his faith. He believes that a higher power has a different, potentially more fulfilling path for him. This unwavering faith has been a guiding principle in his life, especially during times of change.

Embracing New Opportunities

Despite this career pivot, Stone is not left seeking employment. His journey took an interesting turn in 2022 when he visited A&K Dock Services. This encounter led to a part-time job that perfectly balanced his love for the outdoors with his professional commitments to MLF. Stone’s adaptability and enthusiasm for new challenges shone through, and soon, he became a key player in the dock business.

From Part-Time to Full-Time: A Seamless Transition

Following his departure from MLF, Stone wasted no time in transitioning to a full-time role at A&K Dock Services. His dedication and work ethic have already started to pay dividends, significantly reducing the company’s lead times and improving efficiency. His role as a production manager is a testament to his ability to adapt and thrive in different environments.

Expanding Horizons: Beyond the Dock

Stone’s ventures go beyond the dock business. He is actively involved in open-house events at Anglers Choice Marine locations and is managing a deer hunting farm. This 659-acre property, a haven for deer hunters, reflects Stone’s deep connection with nature and his expertise in wildlife management.

  • Marty Stone holds a legacy of nearly $1 million in earnings over a 17-season career in Major League Fishing and played a pivotal role off the water as Director of Event Research and Program Analyst.
  • Stone has been a prominent figure in professional fishing since 1995, with notable achievements including 16 top 10 finishes, 2 wins, and career earnings of $647,446 in various bass fishing tournaments.
  • Beyond his financial success, Stone’s career in the world of fishing and Major League Fishing reflects themes of transformation, personal growth, resilience, and the influence of positive energy, akin to the symbolism of healing and transformative stones.

Marty Stone’s History At Major League Fishing

Marty Stone embarked on his Major League Fishing voyage with a string of impressive accomplishments. His three top-five finishes in the 2000 Wal-Mart FLW Tour season, including a second-place finish on the Pascagoula, signified new beginnings and showcased his ability to attract good luck. Over the course of his 17-season career, he accumulated nearly $1 million in earnings, a testament to his positive energy and his ability to achieve success.

Stone’s resilience and determination shone through, even without winning particular accolades. He achieved eight top-10 finishes during his five-year career on the FLW Tour and earned over $200,000. Much like the tiger’s eye stone, known for providing protection and self-confidence, Marty Stone proved that he could face challenging times with courage and confidence.

However, Stone’s input in Major League Fishing transcended his individual achievements. He took on new job responsibilities as Director of Event Research and Program Analyst. In these roles, he helped shape the future of the sport.

Stone’s role as an analyst for FLW Live broadcasts offered viewers a fresh perspective and clarity, mirroring the balance and clarity offered by the healing properties of stones. His dedication to the sport and his roles off the water played a significant part in expanding the reach and exposure of Major League Fishing.


In conclusion, Marty Stone’s journey from a seasoned MLF commentator to exploring new realms in the fishing industry and beyond serves as a shining example of embracing change with optimism and grace. His story is not just about fishing; it’s about life’s unpredictable nature and the endless possibilities that await when one door closes and several more open.

Fishing News: Tournament Talk

Fishing News 010924 Tournament Talk #bassfishing #news #guidefishing

Cancellation at the Abu Garcia College Fishing National Championship

Today, Major League Fishing announced a significant change in the schedule for the 2024 Abu Garcia College Fishing Presented by YETI National Championship. The opening day of the much-anticipated tournament at Lake Toho has been cancelled. This decision comes in response to concerns about high winds and inclement weather conditions, prioritizing the safety of the participants. The organizers are closely monitoring the situation to determine the feasibility of the upcoming tournament days and ensure a safe and competitive environment for all anglers.

Ben Milliken’s Impressive Achievement

In a notable development in the Bassmaster Opens, angler Ben Milliken has achieved a remarkable feat by qualifying for both the 2024 Bassmaster Classic and the Bassmaster Elite Series for 2024. This dual qualification is a testament to Milliken’s skill and consistency in the sport. His participation in these prestigious tournaments is eagerly anticipated by fans and fellow competitors, as he is known to bring a high level of expertise and excitement to the events.

Ray Scott Documentary on Fox Sports One

The fishing world is set to witness an enthralling documentary series titled “The Cast,” featured on Fox Sports One, which highlights the life and legacy of Ray Scott, the ‘Godfather’ of bass fishing. Scott, renowned for creating the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (B.A.S.S.), has been an influential figure in the sport. The documentary aims to provide an in-depth look into his contributions to bass fishing, exploring his vision, the challenges he faced, and his enduring impact on the sport.

Rapala’s Strategic Business Moves For 2024


Welcome to our deep dive into Rapala VMC’s recent strategic decisions. As a leading name in the fishing tackle industry, Rapala’s moves have significant implications. Today, we’re exploring their decision to sell their injection molding business, the acquisition of 13 Fishing, and their extended partnership with B.A.S.S. Let’s cast our line into these waters and see what Rapala’s strategies reveal about their future direction.

Selling the Injection Molding Business

Rapala’s Strategic Sale
Rapala VMC’s decision to sell its injection molding business to Muottituote Group Oy marks a pivotal shift in their operational focus. This move isn’t just a transaction; it’s a strategic realignment. By offloading this subsidiary, Rapala can now concentrate more on what they do best – producing top-quality finished fishing products. This sale includes the transfer of KL-Teho Oy’s assets, including real estate, equipment, and personnel in Finland.

Lars Ollberg, CEO Rapala VMC Corporation

Lars Ollberg, Rapala’s CEO, emphasized that this decision aligns with their “One More Turn” strategy, aiming to enhance inventory turnover and cash flow. This is a clear indication of Rapala’s commitment to refining their business model, focusing on core competencies, and ensuring operational efficiency. For Muottituote Group, this acquisition is a significant expansion, enhancing their capabilities in the mold-making industry. This strategic move by Rapala could be a game-changer in how they streamline their operations and maintain their market leadership.

Acquiring 13 Fishing

Gerald Swindle of 13Fishing

Rapala’s Full Entry into the U.S. Rod and Reel Market
The acquisition of the remaining 40% shareholding of DQC International, owner of the 13 Fishing brand, is a major step for Rapala VMC. This move isn’t just an acquisition; it’s a strategic entry into the U.S. rod and reel market. By integrating 13 Fishing into Rapala USA, the company is not only expanding its market reach but also enhancing its product innovation capabilities.

13 Fishing, known for its innovative approach and strong presence in the ice fishing market, complements Rapala’s existing product range perfectly. This synergy between the two brands can lead to exciting new product developments and a stronger market presence. The integration leverages Rapala’s established sales force and distribution network, promising significant growth and market expansion in the U.S.

This strategic acquisition demonstrates Rapala’s commitment to diversifying its product portfolio and strengthening its position in the competitive fishing tackle industry. It’s a clear signal that Rapala is fishing for bigger opportunities in the global market, particularly in the lucrative U.S. sector.

Extending B.A.S.S. Sponsorship

Strengthening Brand Presence in Competitive Fishing
Rapala’s renewal of its premier sponsorship with B.A.S.S. through 2026 is a testament to its commitment to the competitive fishing community. This partnership isn’t just about sponsorship; it’s about enhancing brand visibility and engagement in a community that’s at the heart of the fishing industry.

Under this extended partnership, Rapala will continue to sponsor the Rapala Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing program and the Monster Bag contingency, now rebranded as the “Rapala CrushCity Monster Bag.” This ensures Rapala’s presence in various Bassmaster events and media platforms, significantly boosting its brand exposure.

Rapala Logo

Moreover, this sponsorship is a strategic move to promote Rapala’s new product line, CrushCity, alongside its established products. It’s a clever way of aligning product promotion with community engagement, ensuring that Rapala remains a prominent name in the minds of competitive anglers. This extended partnership with B.A.S.S. not only reinforces Rapala’s commitment to the fishing community but also serves as a strategic platform for product promotion and brand strengthening.


In conclusion, Rapala’s recent strategic moves – selling their injection molding business, acquiring 13 Fishing, and extending their B.A.S.S. sponsorship – demonstrate a clear focus on core competencies and market expansion.

B.A.S.S. presents The CAST. A Bassmaster Documentary


Discover how a single cast initiated by Ray Scott birthed the cast the foundation of B.A.S.S. and transformed bass fishing into a distinguished sport. This article unravels the seminal moments and figures that grounded the foundation of B.A.S.S., providing an insightful backstory for enthusiasts eager to understand the legacy charting the course of competitive bass fishing.

The CAST” is a B.A.S.S. production documenting the history of Bassmaster and professional fishing

  • B.A.S.S. was founded by visionary Ray Scott and co-founders to transform bass fishing into a professional sport, growing from 54,000 members in 1971 to over 650,000 by the 1990s, while also contributing to conservation and the growth of the bass fishing industry.
  • The B.A.S.S. Humanitarian Award, initiated in 2020, acknowledges B.A.S.S. members for volunteer services that have positive impacts on communities, with selected individuals demonstrating outstanding community service and contribution to children with special needs and their families.
  • The Bassmaster Classic, a premier event in bass fishing since 1971, along with the advent of fishing media, have significantly fostered the sport’s popularity and community sense, while B.A.S.S.’s educational efforts and youth programs aim to inspire future generations of anglers.
B.A.S.S. presents The CAST.

The Cast Heard ‘Round the Sport

The inception of B.A.S.S. is often described as the “Cast Heard ‘Round the Sport.” A single cast that sparked a revolution, transforming bass fishing from a leisure activity into a thriving sport.

The inaugural episode of “The Cast,” a programming timeline, ushers in the creation of B.A.S.S., signifying the dawn of a fresh epoch.

The Visionaries Behind the Cast

The visionary behind this cast was none other than Ray Scott, the founder of B.A.S.S. His dream was to elevate bass fishing to the level of professional sports such as PGA golf, a vision that gave birth to B.A.S.S.

Along with Scott, other co-founders like Bob Cobb, Johnny Morris, Roland Martin, and Bill Dance contributed to the establishment of this thriving community of anglers and enthusiasts.

The First Cast That Started It All

The 1967 All-American was the pioneering event that propelled B.A.S.S. into existence. This event not only served as a platform to showcase the sport but also offered a substantial prize, thereby contributing to the growth and popularity of bass fishing as America’s most popular game fish.

The inaugural B.A.S.S. event featured 30 MLF professionals participating in a six-day competition held at Caney Creek Reservoir.

The Growth of a Sport

With time, B.A.S.S. has been pivotal in promoting bass fishing, catalyzing its recognition and growth as a mainstream sport. It has also invested in conservation practices and contributed to the economic development of the bass fishing industry.

From a meager 54,000 members in 1971, B.A.S.S. membership grew to a staggering 650,000 in the 1990s, marking a significant milestone in the history of the sport.

The Role of B.A.S.S. in Shaping Bass Fishing Culture

B.A.S.S. transcends its organizational role, serving as a driving force in morphing bass fishing into a recognized American sport. It has imparted principles such as:

  • passion
  • customer focus
  • quality
  • teamwork
  • respect
  • ingenuity

Among anglers, the growing sense of community and camaraderie is evident.

Community and Camaraderie Among Anglers

B.A.S.S. has excelled in cultivating a sense of unity and friendship within its membership. Whether it’s through fishing trips, storytelling, or community events, B.A.S.S. has created a spirit of unity and belonging among its members.

The Nation format and groups like Cen-Tex Bass Hunters further promote this camaraderie through engaging events and a dedication to conservation and sportsmanship.

Conservation as a Core Principle

B.A.S.S. moves beyond competitive sport, encompassing conservation and environmental guardianship. Through its Conservation Program, B.A.S.S. has pursued numerous initiatives, such as supporting local habitats through organizations like the Friends of Reservoirs Foundation and working in partnership with the Conservation Fund and AFTCO.

B.A.S.S. also encourages environmental stewardship among its members, offering guidance on best practices for catch and release to reduce harm to wildlife.

Making Waves: B.A.S.S.’s Work Beyond the Water

Aaron Yavorsky holding his record-breaking 8lb 15oz largemouth bass trophy

Although B.A.S.S.’s sway on the water is indisputable, its impact reaches further, beyond the confines of the fishing community. Through educational outreach programs, youth initiatives, and community involvement, B.A.S.S. is making waves not just on the water, but also in the lives of individuals and communities across the country.

Educational Outreach and Youth Programs

B.A.S.S. places education as a foundational element of its mission. Through various programs such as the Youth Angler Academy, the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame Grant Program, and the School Fishing Club Program, B.A.S.S. is committed to educating young minds about the sport of bass fishing and fostering a love for angling among the next generation.

Community Involvement and Support

B.A.S.S.’s dedication to engaging with the community is evident through its endeavors to bolster local economies and instill a sense of belonging in its members. By hosting a bass fishing tour and other bass fishing events, B.A.S.S. invites community participation and generates tourism, thereby having a significant economic impact in the cities where these events are hosted.

Furthermore, B.A.S.S. collaborates with organizations to safeguard and increase bass populations, protect land, enhance wildlife populations, and support the creation of native plant communities.

Inspiring Future Anglers

Motivating the next generation of anglers lies at the core of B.A.S.S.’s mission. From the ‘Gone Fishing’ program by Bass Pro Shops to the Bassmaster Go Out{side} lifestyle initiative, B.A.S.S. is dedicated to providing positive experiences with fishing for youth and cultivating a passion for the sport in the next generation.


In conclusion, the impact of B.A.S.S. on bass fishing and the broader community cannot be overstated. From revolutionizing the sport and shaping a robust angling community to fostering community involvement and inspiring future anglers, B.A.S.S.’s influence is profound. As we continue to cast our lines and reel in history, the legacy of B.A.S.S. serves as a testament to the enduring allure of bass fishing and the power of a community united by a shared passion.