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Lake Toho Bass Fishing Guide


Our Lake Toho fishing guide offers a unique opportunity to explore some of the most renowned bass fishing destinations in the Sunshine State. Imagine the view sitting on a bass boat as you cast into the beautiful waters of Lake Toho. The sun rising over the horizon as you anticipate the thrill of catching a trophy-sized bass. With its stunning scenery and renowned reputation for exceptional bass fishing, Lake Toho presents anglers with the opportunity to experience world-class fishing at its finest.

In this blog post, we will introduce you to Lake Toho fishing guides, exploring prime fishing locations, effective techniques, and seasonal tips to make your trip a memorable one. Get ready to reel in the big one with the help of expert Lake Toho fishing guides!

Short Summary

  • Discover Lake Toho’s best fishing guides and services for an unforgettable bass fishing experience.
  • Prepare for your trip by understanding regulations, selecting a guide based on reviews & criteria, and exploring prime locations like West Lake Toho.
  • Take advantage of seasonal tips to maximize success when trophy bass fishing in winter/spring or active feeding patterns in summer/fall.

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Discovering Lake Toho’s Best Fishing Guides

Bass Fishing Lake Toho – 20lb Bag | NEW SECRET LURE

Lake Toho, a 22,700-acre shallow lake located just south of Kissimmee, Florida, is known for its trophy-sized bass and superior fishing experiences. Lake Toho is a part of the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes. With approximately one-third of the lake consisting of maidencane grass and bullrush reeds, it provides the perfect habitat for largemouth bass, making it a popular destination for fishing charters.

Choosing a suitable fishing guide for your Lake Toho bass fishing trip is crucial to ensure a successful and unforgettable experience. Captain A. James Jackson, a highly experienced Orlando fishing guide, has over 35 years of expertise on the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes and is well-known for Florida trophy bass fishing. Captain Jackson often appears in top fishing magazines when trophy Lake Toho bass fishing is discussed. His guided fishing trips in Central Florida’s grassy waters are particularly impressive, with catches that are showcased to readers.

AJ’s Orlando Bass Fishing Guides is a top-rated bass fishing guide service, offering Florida bass fishing charters on their 18’ 3” Skater NFL Limited Edition ZX180, powered by a Mercury 150 horsepower fuel-injected engine. Their commitment to success is backed by the NO-Fish, NO-Pay Guarantee, a written assurance of their dedication to the success of the fishing charter.

Giant Bass Caught on Lake Toho
Giant Bass Caught on Lake Toho on a Guide Fishing Trip

Criteria for Selecting a Guide

When selecting a Lake Toho fishing guide, it’s essential to consider their experience, reputation, and customer satisfaction. The guide service in the Orlando Central Florida / Disney area should have been in operation for many years, and the guide should be a Coast Guard licensed captain. Reviews play a critical role when selecting a fishing charter service as they provide insight into potential red flags and validate the credibility of the company. Be cautious of fishing charter services with good reviews on Google but none on their website or other reputable review sites such as Yelp, Facebook, and TripAdvisor.

Before your trip, your chosen guide should inquire about your preferred species, bait, reels, and handness to ensure the best possible experience. To demonstrate satisfaction with a successful fishing experience, customers can leave a review on their preferred platform, providing recognition for the bass fishing guide’s efforts on that day.

Top Lake Toho Fishing Guide Services

Lake Tahoe is home to Lake Michigan. Toho boasts several highly-rated fishing guide services that offer professional guidance and personalized trips for anglers of all skill levels. Some of the top Lake Toho fishing guide services include AJ’s Bass Guides, Lake Toho Guides, Tight Line Guides, and Lake Toho Trophy Bass Adventures.

The premier Lake Toho bass fishing experience is trophy bass fishing, which is highly abundant in the lake. To plan your Lake Toho bass fishing adventure, you’ll need to book a guide, prepare for the trip, and familiarize yourself with the lake’s regulations.

By researching options, reading reviews, and securing reservations, you can ensure a successful and enjoyable Lake Toho bass fishing trip. With the right guide by your side, you’ll be ready to tackle the waters of Lake Toho and reel in the catch of a lifetime.

The Ultimate Lake Toho Bass Fishing Experience

Lake Toho Bass Fishing
A few of the bass caught on Lake Toho Guide Trips

The pinnacle of Lake Toho bass fishing involves targeting species, utilizing effective techniques, and maximizing potential catches beyond simply trophy bass. January, February, and March are the ideal months for fishing largemouth bass in Lake Tohopekaliga, with late December through March being the prime time for big bass fishing on Lake Toho. Topwater baits, swimbaits, and lipless crankbaits are known to be successful for bass fishing on Lake Toho. Live bait and artificial lure strategies have been found to be successful as well. A variety of lures may prove to be effective in bright and midmorning conditions.

Florida’s Trophy Catch program provides a financial incentive to anglers for catching trophy-sized bass. By participating in this program, you can not only enjoy the thrill of catching a trophy bass, but also contribute to the conservation and management of Florida’s freshwater fisheries with your caught fish.

Target Species: Largemouth Bass

The primary species targeted in Lake Toho are bluegill, crappie, and largemouth bass. Anglers often frequent the hydrilla patches near channel markers 24 and Goblets Cove, as well as the mouth of Shingle Creek, improved shoreline east and west of South Port Park, Lanier Point, Goblets Cove, and Brown’s Point, where trophy largemouth bass are known to be abundant.

Largemouth bass are highly sought-after by anglers for their size and fighting capabilities, as well as being a great food source for many fish species. By focusing on catching largemouth bass as the primary target species on Lake Toho, you can experience the excitement of reeling in a big catch and creating unforgettable memories on the water.

Fishing Techniques for Success

Successful bass fishing on Lake Toho is often achieved by using a range of lures and baits, such as crankbaits, topwater lures, jigs, plastic worms, and swimbaits. In addition, adjusting the depth of the bait and fishing at the optimal times can enhance the likelihood of a successful fishing experience.

Shiner fishing is widely regarded as the optimal approach for catching trophy bass, with 90% of all bass in Florida that weigh 10lbs or more being caught on shiners. Utilizing shiner fishing as part of your Lake Toho fishing strategy can greatly increase your chances of reeling in a trophy catch.

Potential Catches: Beyond Trophy Bass

While trophy bass fishing is the primary focus on Lake Toho, anglers can also expect to encounter other fish species such as channel catfish, black crappie, bluegill, redear sunfish, spotted sunfish, warmouth, chain pickerel, and longnose gar. This diversity of species presents a well-rounded fishing experience and the opportunity to hone your skills on different types of fish.

Lake Tahoe is home to Lake Michigan. Toho is also known for its abundance of Florida gar, Alligator gar, catfish, Chain Pickerel, and other species. By targeting a variety of fish species beyond just trophy bass, you can experience the excitement and challenge of catching different types of fish on your Lake Toho fishing trip.

Planning Your Lake Toho Bass Fishing Adventure

9.56 lb Bass Fishing Lake Toho
Guide Fishing Guide Chuck Pippin with his 9.56lb bass Caught on Lake Toho

To plan your Lake Toho bass fishing adventure, you’ll need to book a guide, prepare for your trip, and familiarize yourself with the lake’s regulations. Lake Ontario. Toho is conveniently located 20 minutes from downtown Orlando, providing easy access from Sea World and other theme parks.

By researching options, reading reviews, and securing reservations, you can ensure a successful and enjoyable Lake Toho bass fishing trip. With the right guide by your side, you’ll be ready to tackle the waters of Lake Toho and reel in the catch of a lifetime.

Booking a Lake Toho Fishing Guide

To book a Lake Toho fishing guide, visit the websites of reputable guide services such as Lake Toho Fishing Guides & Charters, AJ’s Lake Toho Bass Fishing Guides, and Toho Bass Fishing Adventures, which may offer online booking options. Perusing reviews can assist in identifying the most suitable guide for your requirements and guarantee that you have a memorable experience.

Utilizing online booking can save time, enhance communication, and provide written evidence of reservation. With the right guide booked, you can focus on preparing for your upcoming trip and getting excited about the fishing adventure that awaits you on Lake Toho.

Preparing for Your Trip

When planning for a fishing trip, it is essential to take into account the location, weather, fishing gear, fishing license, safety precautions, and ensuring sufficient supplies of food, water, and snacks. It is advisable to examine the weather forecast, include a first aid kit, and pack sunscreen, sunglasses, and insect repellent before embarking on your fishing adventure.

By being well-prepared, you can focus on enjoying your time on the water and making the most of your Lake Toho fishing experience.

Understanding Lake Toho Regulations

Before commencing your fishing trip on Lake Toho, it is necessary to acquire a freshwater fishing license. Additionally, no minimum length limit is applicable for largemouth bass, but a freshwater fishing license is mandatory for Fish Management Area lakes unless the angler is exempt.

Special bag limits and methods of fishing are applicable on these lakes, and a permit from the Florida Department may be required when placing natural or artificial attractors in lakes owned by two or more parties. By familiarizing yourself with Lake Toho fishing regulations, you can ensure a responsible and enjoyable experience on the water.

Exploring Lake Toho’s Prime Fishing Locations

West Lake Toho Bass Fishing Map
West Lake Toho Bass Fishing Map by Mark Evans

Lake Tahoe. Toho offers numerous prime fishing locations for anglers to explore, from West Lake Toho to other notable spots for trophy bass and diverse species. West Lake Tohopekaliga, a large lake situated in Osceola County, Florida, is renowned for its trophy bass fishing and is frequented by anglers.

Other notable fishing spots on Lake Toho include Big Grassy Island, Lanier Point, and Browns Point, as well as the north shore of the lake, which is known to be a reliable spot for large bass populations.

By exploring these prime fishing locations, you can increase your chances of catching trophy bass and experiencing a truly unforgettable fishing trip.

West Lake Tohopekaliga

West Lake Tohopekaliga is a part of the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes and is renowned for its outstanding bass fishing. The lake serves as the host for Bassmaster Elite Series events on the chain, attracting both recreational and tournament anglers to its prime fishing areas, which consist of the lake’s main basin, the Kissimmee River, and the lake’s numerous canals and creeks.

By exploring the various fishing spots in West Lake Tohopekaliga, anglers can experience the thrill of reeling in trophy bass and other species while enjoying the picturesque scenery of this beautiful lake.

Other Notable Fishing Spots

Trophy Lake Toho Bass Caught Guide Fishing
Trophy Lake Toho Bass Caught Guide Fishing

In addition to West Lake Tohopekaliga, there are several other noteworthy fishing spots on Lake Toho that offer unique opportunities for anglers to catch a variety of fish species. North steer beach, Big grassy, Tarpon Springs, Brown’s Point, and Lanier Point are highly recommended for summer fishing on Lake Toho.

Big Grassy Island, Lanier Point, and Browns Point are all highly regarded fishing spots in Lake Toho. Brinson Park, Whaley’s Landing, Goblets Cove, Granada area, and Kissimmee grass and hydrilla around the lake are also popular fishing spots for anglers looking to explore more of Lake Toho’s diverse fishing opportunities.

By venturing out to these various fishing locations, you can experience the thrill of catching different types of fish and create lasting memories on your Lake Toho fishing adventure.

Seasonal Tips for Lake Toho Bass Fishing

Kissimmee Grass Line in Lake Toho
Summer Fishing Lake Toho

To make the most of your Lake Toho bass fishing experience, it’s essential to understand the best times for trophy bass fishing and how to adapt to the changing conditions during different seasons. Winter and spring are the optimal seasons for trophy bass fishing, while summer and fall are known for active feeding patterns and changing conditions.

In winter and spring, the water temperature reaches its highest daily or weekly levels, resulting in increased bass activity and making it the best time for trophy bass fishing. During summer and fall, the cooler and clearer water temperature results in fish being more active and feeding to prepare for the winter months.

Understanding these seasonal patterns can help you plan your Lake Toho fishing trip at the optimal time and equip you with the knowledge needed to adapt your fishing techniques for the best chances of success.

Winter and Spring: Peak Trophy Bass Season

The most favorable time to catch trophy bass in Lake Toho is between April and May in the winter and spring months. Utilizing speed worms, swim jigs, and flukes in pristine water over isolated vegetation can yield the best results.

By focusing your fishing efforts on these prime months and employing the most effective techniques, you can significantly increase your chances of reeling in that trophy bass you’ve been dreaming of.

Summer and Fall: Active Feeding and Changing Patterns

During the summer and fall months, bass on Lake Toho tend to move out of shallow areas in the Kissimmee grass or hydrilla that they inhabit during this period. This is the time to focus on active feeding patterns and adapt to changing conditions for a successful fishing trip.

Various active feeding patterns include surface feeding, mid-water feeding, and bottom feeding, each offering unique opportunities to catch different types of fish. By understanding these patterns and adjusting your techniques accordingly, you can make the most of your summer and fall fishing trips on Lake Toho.


In conclusion, Lake Toho offers a world-class bass fishing experience, with its renowned trophy bass, prime fishing locations, and effective techniques. By selecting the right guide, planning your trip, and understanding seasonal patterns, you can make the most of your Lake Toho fishing adventure. So grab your fishing gear, book a guide, and get ready to create unforgettable memories on the beautiful waters of Lake Toho.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the public boat ramp on Lake Toho?

You’ll find the Lake Tohopekaliga boat ramp at the Big Toho Marina located at 69 Lakeview Drive, Kissimmee, FL 34741 Big Toho Marina & Public Boat Ramp

Where is Big Toho Marina?

Big Toho Marina is located at the lake’s northern end in historic downtown Kissimmee. 69 Lakeview Drive, Kissimmee, FL 34741. The marina is also known for the delicious hamburgers it flips up daily at the on-site grill. You’ll also find a full line of bait and tackle. Big Toho Marina Location

What is the best time of year to fish Lake Toho Florida?

The best time of year to fish Lake Toho in Florida is during the cooler months of fall and winter (October–March). Bass tend to be most active during this time and the colder water temperatures can trigger baitfish to bunch up, making them easier targets for largemouth bass.
This makes the cooler months the ideal time to fish Lake Toho for bass. Anglers should take advantage of the cooler temperatures and the increased activity of the bass to maximize their chances of success.

Where can I fish in Lake Toho?

You can fish at North Steer Beach, Brown’s Point and Goblet’s Cove on Lake Toho for bass, as well as in Shingle Creek and St. Cloud Canal when water flow is present.
Eight man-made fish attractors also offer excellent fishing opportunities in the deeper areas of the lake during summer months.

What is the best time of year for trophy bass fishing on Lake Toho?

The ideal time to go trophy bass fishing on Lake Toho is from February to May, with the peak season occurring during the spring months.

What are some effective lures and baits for bass fishing on Lake Toho?

For successful bass fishing on Lake Toho, anglers can find success with a variety of lures and baits such as Pippin8r Worms, topwater lures, jigs, plastic worms, and swimbaits.

What are some prime fishing locations on Lake Toho?

Anglers on Lake Toho can head to Big Grassy Island, Lanier Point, Browns Point, and the north shore for a successful fishing experience.
These areas are known for their abundance of bass, crappie, and bluegill. Anglers can also find catfish, gar, and other species in the lake.
The lake is also home to a variety of species.

VOKOL™ Acoustics Partners with iKon Boats

VOKOL™ Acoustics Partners with iKon Boats to Launch Groundbreaking Sound System for Bass Anglers Featuring ReelQuiet™️


Contact: Don Nesbit
P: 636.346.1391
[email protected]

VOKOL™ Acoustics Partners with iKon Boats to Launch
Groundbreaking Sound System for Bass Anglers Featuring ReelQuiet™️

ELKHART, IN. – June 12, 2024 – VOKOL Acoustics unveils an innovative marine audio system for iKon Bass Boats featuring the industry-first ReelQuiet™️ system paired with premium Klipsch® Marine speakers. This groundbreaking new audio system promises to take the bass fishing experience to a new level.

2025 iKon LX21 bass boat featuring the new VOKOL Acoustics sound system

After listening to feedback from anglers concerned about audio affecting their catch or impacting the fishing experience, VOKOL created and integrated an innovative feature called ReelQuiet into the new sound system for iKon’s Model Year 2025 LX Series bass boats. Operated via iKon’s multifunction touchscreen control panel at the helm, ReelQuiet automatically removes the cockpit speakers from the sound system, allowing only the the helm speaker to play. With the helm speaker’s carefully calibrated output and the boat’s design, which isolates sound from the hull, anglers can enjoy listening to their favorite music, podcasts, or sports games without worrying about scaring away fish or draining battery levels.

“Due to space restrictions, bass boat speakers typically are mounted to the inner gunwales and at any volume level, the sound vibrates and resonates the hull of the boat. This gets transferred to the water, even at the lowest volume level. Fish use vibrations to avoid prey, so any resonating of the hull, especially at lower frequencies, is considered a negative by anglers,” said Don Nesbit, director of innovation at VOKOL Acoustics. “ReelQuiet solves the problem at the touch of a finger.”

“As a professional angler, I didn’t prioritize audio on my boat until I experienced the iKon bass boat’s Klipsch audio system,” said Brent Butler, winner of the 2024 American Bass Anglers Pro League Season Opener. “The volume-matched helm and cockpit speakers deliver amazing sound, and having the option not to disturb the fish with the ReelQuiet tech while still having sound is an outstanding solution. It’s the perfect blend of enjoyment and functionality while on the water.”

Rooted in the Arkansas bass boat culture, Klipsch Marine is renowned for its high-quality audio, making the collaboration with VOKOL Acoustics a perfect match for delivering exceptional sound experiences in iKon Bass Boats. The new sound system is standard on all 2025 iKon LX20 and LX21 models. It features two efficiently designed 7″ Klipsch speakers strategically placed for optimal sound delivery, complemented by a specially designed, full-definition helm audio speaker that delivers rich, full-range sound above the cockpit, maximizes limited space, and ensures an engulfing audio experience.

“For bass boat enthusiasts, every detail matters, including the audio experience,” said Nesbit. “With our new audio system, anglers can enjoy premium sound quality without compromising the tranquility of their fishing environment or impacting battery levels. VOKOL continues to lead the industry by bringing innovation and functional features to the marine OEM world.”

For more information about these innovative brands, visit their websites at www.vokolacoustics.com and www.ikonboats.com.

VOKOL Acoustics, LLC (https://vokolacoustics.com) stands at the forefront of audio technology innovation, particularly in the realm of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) collaborations. The company’s expertise lies in crafting audio systems tailored to the users’ needs and ensuring unparalleled boating experiences. Unlike many audio brands prioritizing quantity or size, VOKOL prioritizes functionality and integration, aligning seamlessly with OEM builders’ vision of excellence.

iKon Boats, LLC (https://ikonboats.com/) is a subsidiary of East Tennessee’s HCB Yachts (HCB). Its corporate office is located at 260 Industrial Park Road, Madisonville, TN 37354. iKon’s mission is centered on leveraging sophisticated yacht engineering and technology with consummate fishing anglers’ intellect to develop an innovative product that will redefine history in the market.

Distributed by Turnkey Communications & PR for VOKOL Acoustics
2602 Marina Dr., Elkhart, IN, 46514
United States

For all inquiries, please contact us at: [email protected]

iKon VLX21 Bass Boat Review

Base Model Top Speed: 75mph
Tournament Loaded Speed: 72mph
NAP Base Model: $73,450
Tournament Ready NAP: $87,705
Standard Features: Mercury 250 L Pro XS Four Stroke Cable Seastar Pr Hydraulic Sterring, 4-Bank, 60-amp Static Battery Charger, (2) Bike Seats with Hydrollic Pedestal, Deck Carpet Padding, Dual Axle Trailer 14″ Wheels, Shipping Cover
Options & Upgrades: 8″ Atlas Hydraulic Jack Plate, Mercury Hotfoot, Garmin Electronics Package (2) 10″106sv, 50″ Garmin Force, 36v, 100lb Thrust, L2 Fish IV System, Keel Guard, Wireless Phone Charger
Availability: Available to dealer in April 2024

Check Out The 2025 VLX21 from iKon Boats

2024 VLX21 Bass Boat
2025 VLX21 Bass Boat

I’ve just had the chance to experience the VLX21 from iKon Boats, and I must say I am impressed. Priced at $73,450 the VLX21 comes well equipped straight from the factory all the luxurious features iKon Boats is known for.

The VLX21 impresses with its 21-foot length and 98-inch beam, making use of a two-piece flexible architecture in its stringer and deck design. Powered by a 250hp Mercury engine, it hit xx mph during my test run at 886′ elevation.

The boat’s design, the little brother to the LX series, feels sleek and streamlined yet unmistakably part of the iKon Boats family, as noted by professional angler Jacob Wheeler.

The affordability aspect, highlighted by Brent Butler, resonates with me and the people I fish who just want more bang for your buck.

Its innovative design, termed “iKonic Terrain,” offers a spacious and comfortable fishing environment. The boat includes enhanced storage solutions, with brightly lit compartments featuring waterproof stainless-steel latches. Specialized compartments cater to every angler’s needs, from a port rod locker that holds up to 30 rods to a center storage capable of organizing 29 Plano tackle boxes.

21 Foot Fiberglass Bass Boat
21 Foot Fiberglass Bass Boat

The console stands out for its convenience and technology integration, boasting a clean-power yacht wiring harness and digital button pads for controlling various features. The cockpit, designed for comfort, features manually adjustable seats made from cool breeze material and a fully insulated forward cooler.

Jacob Wheeler:

At the back, the deck offers extensive storage, and the optional L2 Livewell System prioritizes fish conservation. The VLX21 also introduces the revolutionary Hydrodynamic Stabilizer System 2 (HSS) hull, engineered for speed, stability, and comfort, setting new performance benchmarks in the bass boat category.

Customization options are plentiful, allowing for electronics and trolling motor upgrades, among other preferences. The accompanying custom Boatmate trailer and lightweight travel cover with an Anti-Puddling Pole System ensure easy boarding, secure transportation, and protection against the elements.

In summary, the VLX21 by iKon Boats is more than just a bass boat; it’s an innovative, high-performance fishing platform that stands as a testament to iKon Boats’ commitment to excellence in the competitive fishing arena.

VLX21 Details from iKon Boats

The VLX21 sets the standard for bass boats in 2024. The VLX21 runs exactly 21 feet in length and a beam of 98 inches, the boat utilizes a two-piece flexible architecture in its stringer and deck design. Equipped with at 250hp Mercury, the testing boats ran 75 mph tournament ready.

The 2025 iKon VLX21 Bass Boat – A Fusion of Speed and Innovation

Welcome to the latest marvel in bass fishing boats – the iKon VLX21. Designed to redefine the standards of speed, performance, and innovation in the competitive fishing arena, the VLX21 stands as a testament to iKon Boats’ commitment to excellence. Building upon the celebrated LX series, the VLX21 integrates groundbreaking features while maintaining the distinct iKon DNA, offering anglers an unparalleled fishing experience.

Innovative Design: The iKonic Terrain

The VLX21 showcases a pioneering design with its “iKonic Terrain”. Spanning 21 feet in length and a beam of 98 inches, the boat utilizes a two-piece flexible architecture in its stringer and deck design, maximizing fishing space beyond the reach of competitors. The inclusion of a massive walk-around front step pad and a padded front deck fishing platform, covered with premium carpet, ensures comfort and space during those long days on the water.

Enhanced Storage Solutions

The VLX21 features a fully finished interior liner, complementing its vast storage capabilities for a sleek interior appearance. Bright LED lights illuminate every compartment, ensuring visibility and convenience. The use of waterproof stainless-steel compression latches and “Rubber Dubber” latches on the aluminum compartment lids secures the cooler and glove box, enhancing the boat’s utility and functionality.

Specialized Compartments for the Avid Angler

Port Rod Locker

Designed to accommodate rods up to 8 feet, 6 inches, the port-side rod locker can hold as many as 30 rods, offering ample space and protection.

Center Storage

A molded tackle box organizer within the center storage compartment can hold up to 29 Plano tackle boxes, with a design that ensures secure and organized storage.

Starboard Storage Box

This fully finished and padded compartment provides additional space for rods or gear, demonstrating the VLX21’s commitment to versatile storage solutions.

The Console: A Hub of Convenience and Technology

The redesigned console is a hub of innovation, featuring a fold-down closeout lid for easy access to maintenance areas, and a clean-power Yacht wiring harness for seamless electronic integration. Digital button pads control the boat’s features, including the livewell, bilge pumps, and lighting, while an optional wireless phone charger and connectivity ports add a modern touch to the console’s functionality.

Cockpit Comfort and Utility

The cockpit of the VLX21 is designed for comfort and durability, with manually adjustable seats made from cool breeze material, sturdy grab handles, and a padded floor for quick drainage. The fully insulated forward cooler and conveniently located glove box enhance the boating experience, blending functionality with comfort.

The Back Deck and Livewell System

The back deck offers extensive storage for additional gear, while the bilge area provides access to the onboard charging system and other essential components. The optional L2 Livewell System, with its focus on fish conservation and convenience, highlights iKon’s dedication to the angler’s success and environmental responsibility.

Revolutionary HSS Hull System

The Hydrodynamic Stabilizer System 2 (HSS) hull of the VLX21 is engineered for speed, stability, and comfort. This innovative design strategy delivers a smooth ride in various water conditions, setting new benchmarks for performance in the bass boat category.

Customization and Optional Equipment

The VLX21 offers extensive customization options, including electronics and trolling motor upgrades from leading brands, as well as the choice to add Power-Pole shallow water anchors, ensuring that every angler’s needs are met.

Trailering and Protection

The custom Boatmate trailer, designed specifically for the VLX21, features innovative solutions for easy boarding and secure transportation. The light-weight travel cover, with its Anti-Puddling Pole System, ensures that your boat remains dry and protected, regardless of the storage or travel conditions.

Experience the iKon VLX21 Firsthand

The iKon VLX21 is more than just a bass boat; it’s a statement of innovation, performance, and dedication to the angling community. Visit ikonboats.com or contact your local dealer to discover how the VLX21 can elevate your fishing experience to new heights. Join us in embracing the future of competitive bass fishing with iKon Boats.

Find an iKon Dealer Near You

Bubba Pro Series Smart Fish Scale Review

MAP $199
Base model MAP $99

Is the Bubba Pro Series Smart Fish Scale the precision tool you need for your angling adventures? Our no-nonsense review examines its accuracy, innovative tech features, and practicality for both recreational and competitive anglers. With its smart culling ability and multiple fishing modes, this scale promises to enhance your fishing experience. Discover whether this device justifies its place in your tackle box.

Product Overview

The BUBBA Pro Series Smart Fish Scale is feature-rich with three modes (Tournament, Rally, Competition), a smart culling system, automatic weight lock, and iconic non-slip grip, aimed at both hobbyists and tournament anglers.

The scale boasts superior design for harsh conditions with waterproof IPX7 rating, robust construction, ease of use with an intuitive interface, and high accuracy (±0.3%), complemented by a smart app for data logging and virtual tournaments.

While the BUBBA Pro Series Smart Fish Scale has a premium price point, its advanced features like multiple modes, durable build, and app connectivity offer serious anglers a high-value product compared to less expensive, more basic alternatives.

Introducing the BUBBA Pro Series Smart Fish Scale

Bubba Pro Series Smart Fish Scale
Bubba Pro Series Smart Fish Scale

The Bubba Pro Series Smart Fish Scale is an innovative and fully robust fish scale designed for both the recreational angler and the serious tournament competitor. It distinguishes itself with three unique modes: Tournament Mode, Rally Mode, and Competition Mode. Each mode is specifically created to enhance your fishing experience based on various circumstances and competitive environments.

This ideal fish scale goes beyond basic functionality by offering features like:

  • A smart culling system that efficiently manages up to eight different fish
  • An automatic weight lock function
  • The renowned non-slip grip characteristic of BUBBA products which guarantees a firm hold in any situation

These impressive claims certainly warrant thorough testing, especially each one of its own distinct features.

Getting Started with Your BUBBA Pro Series Smart Fish Scale

Configuring the Bubba Pro Series Smart Fish Scale is simple and hassle-free. It offers versatile power options through either conventional AA alkaline batteries or an included rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, eliminating concerns about frequent battery changes while you’re out fishing.

This smart fish scale comes with a handy auto-off function that powers down the device when it’s idle, thus extending your battery life for those crucial moments. The safety features and examination procedures are designed to be user-friendly so that you can concentrate on reeling in fish rather than fussing over equipment.

A Closer Look at the BUBBA Pro Series Smart Fish Scale Design

Bubba SFS Pro Series Smart Fish Scale

The BUBBA Pro Series Smart Fish Scale boasts:

  • A sturdy construction built to endure tough environments
  • An IPX7 waterproof rating, ensuring the scale can be submerged in water during extreme angling situations
  • A high-grade waterproof carry case for additional security

Beyond its ruggedness, the smart fish scale excels in functionality and precision. It includes:

  • An easy-to-read segmented LCD screen
  • A digital screen with adjustable brightness to ensure visibility under different lighting conditions
  • The capability to weigh fish up to 60 pounds
  • Supreme class accuracy within ±0.3% margin of error

Trust this device for pinpoint measurement accuracy.

Navigating the BUBBA Pro Series Smart Fish Scale

The BUBBA Pro Series Smart Fish Scale offers a user-friendly experience thanks to its straightforward design featuring an easy-to-use interface. The weighing process is simplified with the implementation of push-button controls that allow users to effortlessly switch between different functions and settings. LED lights serve as visual indicators assisting in navigating through the scale’s features.

Featuring a color digital screen with dimmable capabilities, this smart fish scale ensures clear visibility under diverse lighting situations, which improves overall usability. Stability during operation has been noted by users, underscoring the practicality and well-considered construction of the BUBBA Pro Series Smart Fish Scale’s design.

Putting the BUBBA Pro Series Smart Fish Scale to the Test

BUBBA Pro Series Smart Fish Scale in action

Diving into the capabilities, the BUBBA Pro Series Smart Fish Scale is equipped with distinct modes to cater to various angling situations.

  • In Tournament Mode, it focuses on keeping track of your lightest fish, total number of fish and cumulative livewell weight.
  • Rally Mode shines by monitoring your top seven fishes, noting the smallest one as well as tabulating overall count and mass.
  • Competition Mode is tailored for a quartet fishing team to efficiently log and handle their hauls.

In detail, Tournament Mode enables you to monitor live data for up to eight fish whereas Rally Mode expands that capacity significantly allowing retention of weights for an impressive 99 fish. This mode also integrates a smart culling system designed specifically to streamline livewell management while highlighting prize catches easily. Within Competition. Mode is support tailored towards enhancing group experiences in measuring and assessing catches amongst a four-member squad.

Housing ability for loads reaching upwards of 60 pounds coupled with exceptional precision within 0.3%, the BUBBA Pro Series Smart Fish Scale demonstrates more than mere technical prowess. User feedback echoes its congruence with professional anglers’ needs—perfecting measurements right down to total bag weight—even if it presents itself as an investment when considering occasional usage scenarios due to its price bracket.

Assessing the BUBBA Pro Series Smart Fish Scale App

Bubba Pro Series Smart Fish Scale & Fishing App
Bubba Pro Series Smart Fish Scale & Fishing App

The BUBBA Pro Series Smart Fish Scale is enhanced by its accompanying app, which links to the scale through Bluetooth. This allows anglers to record and assess important data including fish weight, GPS location, weather and water conditions.

Beyond simply tracking your hauls, this mobile application also facilitates hosting or participating in virtual tournaments. This adds a communal dimension to angling by linking users together. The social and competitive elements of the app provide real-time insights into catches and weights for those engaged in tournaments – streamlining monitoring processes while amplifying the competitive thrill.

The Final Weigh-In: Is the BUBBA Pro Series Smart Fish Scale Worth It?

The BUBBA Pro Series Smart Fish Scale is distinguished by its advanced features, offering anglers a premium experience with capabilities such as a color digital screen, three different weighing modes, and the ability to sync with a mobile app for recording catches. This smart fish scale delivers an impressive suite of functions reflective of its price range.

It should be acknowledged that there are more budget-friendly alternatives on the market like the Rapala High Contrast Digital Scale and the ReelSonar Digital Fish Scale. While they come at a lower cost compared to the Bubba Pro Series Smart version, these scales don’t offer advanced features such as superior connectivity or enhanced display quality, but can still meet basic weigh-in needs without straining your wallet.

Ultimately though, if one’s preferences lean towards state-of-the-art connectivity options and exceptional screen clarity, investing in the BUBBA Pro Series Smart Fish Scale could be worth considering. For avid fishermen who value those additional functionalities provided by this series’ smart fish technology, they may find that it offers sufficient added benefits to warrant spending more.


The BUBBA Pro Series Smart Fish Scale offers sophisticated technology for anglers of all levels, from enthusiasts to competitive fishers. This smart fish scale comes with unique capabilities that differentiate it in the market, including multiple weighing modes, a comprehensive smart culling system and the brand’s signature non-slip grip. The added benefit of an app provides users with connectivity options and the ability to partake in virtual fishing competitions.

Its higher price point might be prohibitive for some users. Despite boasting an impressive array of features, there are other scales on the market available at a more economical price which may appeal more to those who value basic functionality without stretching their budget.

When making a choice, consider both your angling preferences and financial constraints. For individuals seeking top-notch connectivity options as well as superior display quality and cutting-edge functionalities offered by this series smart fish scale range or pro series specifically designed by Bubba, it represents solid investment potential. Alternatively, if you lean towards occasional recreational fishing or need to economize, simpler alternatives can suffice meeting your requirements effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is the Bubba scale?

The Bubba scale offers best-in-class accuracy of 0.3% and an unmatched 60-pound weight limit, making it a robust and reliable choice for weighing fish.

What fish scale does MLF use?

The MLF Tournament Fish Scale by Brecknell is renowned for its exceptional quality and precision accuracy when used for weighing fish.

What is the best fish weighing scale?

For weighing fish, some of the top choices are the Boga Grip Fishing Scale as a gripping option for fish, the economical Dr.Meter Digital Fish Scale, and specifically for bass fishing enthusiasts, the Rapala Touch Screen Scale with a 50lb capacity.

These scales have proven to be reliable and durable over time.

How accurate are digital fish scales?

Highly precise and accurate, digital fish scales outperform analog scales in providing exact weight measurements. Their displays are clear and easy to read thanks to backlit LCDs that function well under different lighting situations.

What makes the BUBBA Pro Series Smart Fish Scale different from other fish scales?

The BUBBA Pro Series Smart Fish Scale is distinguished by its sophisticated functionalities, including a variety of weighing options, an intelligent culling system, a color digital display, and compatibility with a mobile application for recording catches. This scale offers unique benefits that appeal to casual anglers as well as those engaged in competitive fishing tournaments.

REDCREST 2024 Day 2 Results


Day 2 Updates of Bass Pro Shops REDCREST 2024 Powered by OPTIMA Lithium. This blog will be updated throughout the day.

Watch Live: https://majorleaguefishing.com/events/redcrest-2024/live/

Drastic change in weather from Day 01 on Lay Lake, Birmingham, Alabama. Lay Lake is experienceing on and off heavy rain and thunderstorms with temperatures reaching as high as 69°F and a low around 60°F. Contrast to yesterdays highs in the 80’s, the weather presents a different set of circumstances for the anglers to content with.

Qualifying Update 3:30 pm CST Top 20 Anglers Moving On To Day 3

PlaceAnglerDay 1Weight (Fish)Day 2Weight (Fish)TotalWeight (Fish)
1stRyan Salzman35 – 11 (10)30 – 03 (10)65 – 14 (20)
2ndDustin Connell38 – 00 (16)25 – 04 (9)63 – 04 (25)
3rdMichael Neal52 – 09 (21)9 – 04 (4)61 – 13 (25)
4thDalton Head44 – 06 (17)17 – 05 (6)61 – 11 (23)
5thJesse Wiggins24 – 06 (10)35 – 04 (15)59 – 10 (25)
6thCole Floyd32 – 01 (13)26 – 13 (10)58 – 14 (23)
7thJacob Wheeler35 – 09 (15)21 – 03 (8)56 – 12 (23)
8thNick Hatfield29 – 02 (11)24 – 15 (9)54 – 01 (20)
9thAnthony Gagliardi38 – 13 (15)13 – 14 (5)52 – 11 (20)
10thCliff Pace14 – 12 (5)36 – 00 (11)50 – 12 (16)
11thRon Nelson33 – 14 (13)14 – 04 (5)48 – 02 (18)
12thKeith Poche31 – 00 (10)15 – 12 (5)46 – 12 (15)
13thEmil Wagner10 – 04 (4)36 – 07 (13)46 – 11 (17)
14thTakahiro Omori16 – 08 (6)29 – 05 (12)45 – 13 (18)
15thJohn Cox26 – 09 (10)18 – 03 (7)44 – 12 (17)
16thGreg Vinson25 – 01 (9)16 – 12 (6)41 – 13 (15)
17thJonathon VanDam26 – 11 (9)14 – 13 (6)41 – 08 (15)
18thGerald Spohrer22 – 15 (9)17 – 08 (6)40 – 07 (15)
19thAlton Jones Jr.25 – 12 (10)14 – 05 (6)40 – 01 (16)
20thNick LeBrun17 – 05 (6)21 – 12 (8)39 – 01 (14)


Salzman Secures the Lead at Logan Martin Dam

In an exciting turn of events during the Bass Pro Tour, Ryan Salzman has taken the lead, showcasing his angling skills at Logan Martin. With a critical catch of a 4-pounder under his belt, Salzman’s performance has been nothing short of spectacular over the last couple of days. His strategy, focusing on a specific spot near the dam, has proven to be a game-changer. However, space at the dam is limited, presenting a unique challenge for competitors. This constraint might highlight the importance of boat positioning in the upcoming days, as racers vie for the best starting holes—a rarity in Bass Pro Tour events. The next rounds, especially Saturday and potentially Sunday, promise heightened competition and strategy as anglers jostle for position.

The Final Hour: A Race Among Titans

As the fishing day nears its end, the leaderboard sees a tight competition among Cliff Pace, Emil Wagner, and Jesse Wiggins, each surpassing the 30-pound mark. Their achievements are notable, with Wiggins having a solid start, Pace climbing up from the 30th position, and Wagner making a significant leap from 40th. Each angler employs a distinct approach: Wiggins sticks to the banks with a shaky head, Pace positions himself near the dam, and Wagner explores the ‘Scope strategy. Meanwhile, Nick LeBrun fights to remain in the competition, narrowly holding onto the 20th spot, making the race to the cutoff exceedingly tense.

Key Moments and Strategies Unfold

Greg Vinson’s day was highlighted by a notable catch—a 4-11 swim jig fish—securing his spot in the Knockout Round. His success, anticipated and sought after, brings a wave of excitement and forecasts a promising weekend. “It’s about to go off,” Vinson remarked, underscoring his persistent efforts to land a Lay Lake swim jig fish. His achievement signals a potential trend, as several top anglers opt for shallow waters.

In preparation for the challenges ahead, Dustin Connell adopts a strategic approach, venturing up the river toward the Logan Martin Dam. His comprehensive coverage of the area underscores the importance of thoroughness in competitive fishing.

Jesse Wiggins continues to demonstrate his mastery over the shaky head technique, a vital skill for targeting spawning spotted bass on Smith Lake. His approach, focusing on a steep main lake bank away from the strongest currents, yielded a quality spotted bass catch, propelling him into the lead. Wiggins’ expertise and strategic choices underline the intricate nuances of competitive angling, setting the stage for an exciting conclusion to the tournament.


Day 1 Leader Michael Neal still sits on top with a combined weight of 59-09. Today Neal has one fish for 2-05. Jesse Wiggins is now sitting in second place (from 15th) with a day two monster 10 bass for 23-08 Jacob Wheeler is off to a great start with four day two fish for a total of 45-11 which jumps him from 6th to 3rd place.

Currently in 4th place, Cole Floyd has 14-01 with 5 bass.

Event Details


Catch-weigh-immediate release. Every scorable bass per day. Minimum scorable weight 2 pounds.

  • March 14 – Qualifying Round, Day 1 – 50 anglers – Total weight carries to Qualifying Day 2.
  • March 15 – Qualifying Round, Day 2 – 50 anglers – Two-day weight total, Top 20 anglers advance to Knockout Round.
  • March 16 – Knockout Round – 20 anglers – Weights are zeroed. Top 10 advance to Championship Round.
  • March 17 – Championship Round – 10 anglers – Weights are zeroed. Placement is determined by the day’s heaviest weights. Top angler crowned REDCREST Champion.

REDCREST Day 1 Results: Michael Neal Day 1 Leader: 52 lb 9 Ounce at Lay Lake


Courtesy of MLF Photographer Garrick Dixon

Michael Neal takes day 1 lead at Major League Fishing’s Bass Pro Shops Redcrest 2024, as he showcases his mastery on the waters of Lay Lake. This sets the stage for an intriguing tournament. Can he sustain this lead against the other pros? Get the details on Neal’s strategy right here.

REDCREST Day 1 Summary

Michael Neal dominated Day 1 of Major League Fishing’s Bass Pro Shops REDCREST 2024, leveraging his deep knowledge of Lay Lake and a strategic mix of adaptability and precise bait selection to secure an impressive lead.

The REDCREST 2024 tournament showcased a diverse range of fishing strategies and techniques by top anglers, emphasizing the importance of versatility and real-time decision-making in response to challenges such as weather changes and water conditions.

The competition remains intense moving forward, with the Knockout and Championship Rounds resetting weights and presenting high-stakes challenges, as top contenders battle for the $100,000 prize and the prestige of winning the REDCREST 2024 title.

Michael Neal’s Impressive Performance at REDCREST 2024

Dalton Head REDCREST 2024
Courtesy of Major League Fishing. Photographer Garrick Dixon

Michael Neal’s leadership on Day 1 of Bass Pro Shops REDCREST 2024 was a masterclass in strategy and adaptability. As the first six hours unfolded, Neal remained unshakably in his starting area on the main lake, strategically targeting offshore spotted bass. He deftly navigated the warmer waters for bass, never losing focus of his plan to seek fresh fish schools on the second day. This careful consideration of the different spawning times of spotted and largemouth bass was a testament to his deep understanding of the sport.

Yet, the path to success wasn’t without hurdles. Neal faced formidable challenges, including:

  • Competition pressure potentially altering fish behavior
  • Looming weather conditions that could stir up pollen
  • Changing water conditions and a slack current, which necessitated a search for new areas with less angling pressure

Nonetheless, Neal demonstrated the cool-headed resolve of a seasoned angler, maintaining his lead throughout the day without feeling the need to upgrade his fish later on.

By the end of Day 1, Neal had secured a significant lead, with an impressive 8 pounds and 3 ounces advantage over the second-placed angler, Dalton Head. This commanding lead was a testament to Neal’s strategic prowess and his deep understanding of the waters. The angling world watched in awe as Neal masterfully navigated the challenging conditions and emerged as the frontrunner in this high-stakes tournament.

The question on everyone’s mind now is whether Neal will be able to maintain his lead as the competition intensifies. With several formidable competitors vying for the top spot, the upcoming stages of the tournament promise to be a thrilling spectacle of skill and strategy.

Key Factors in Neal’s Success

Neal’s outstanding performance on Day 1 can be attributed to a combination of factors, including his local knowledge, careful bait selection, and versatile techniques. His deep familiarity with Lay Lake proved instrumental in identifying prime fishing spots, propelling him to the top of the leaderboard. Neal’s bait selection, tailored to the behavior of spotted bass focusing on baitfish during late winter and early spring, was a significant factor in his success.

Moreover, Neal exhibited strong decision-making skills. He chose not to target largemouth bass near the bank, a decision that aligned with his strategy based on the behavior of the fish and not just the warm water temperature. This strategic move demonstrated Neal’s intricate knowledge of the sport and his ability to adjust his tactics based on the conditions.

In addition, Neal showcased his versatility by using a spinning rod setup to locate spotted bass. This technique resulted in a series of early catches, propelling him to the top of the leaderboard. Neal’s mix of local knowledge, precise bait selection, and strategic decision-making created a winning combination that set him apart from the competition on Day 1.

The Competition

While Michael Neal’s performance stole the spotlight, other top anglers also showcased exceptional skills on the first day of the competition. Here are the top anglers from Day 1:

  1. Michael Neal – total catch weighing 51 pounds and 10 ounces
  2. Dalton Head – total catch weighing 44 pounds and 6 ounces
  3. Anthony Gagliardi – total catch weighing 38 pounds and 13 ounces
  4. Dustin Connell – total catch weighing 38 pounds

Interestingly, a significant number of the top 10, including Neal, strategically chose to focus their efforts along a stretch in the main channel on the lower end of Lay Lake, where they caught nine bass. This strategic move highlighted the importance of location selection in professional angling and the significant role played by local knowledge in navigating the waters effectively.

As the tournament progresses, the competition is set to intensify. With top anglers like:

  • Neal
  • Head
  • Gagliardi
  • Connell

showcasing their prowess, the Bass Pro Shops REDCREST 2024 promises to be a thrilling spectacle of skill, strategy, and suspense.

Bass Pro Shops REDCREST 2024: Event Overview

The Bass Pro Shops REDCREST 2024 is a unique event, showcasing the best of professional angling in a captivating format. The tournament features an innovative Major League Fishing (MLF) catch, weigh, and immediate-release live scoring format, providing real-time action for participants and spectators alike. This year, the tournament took place at Lay Lake in Alabama, from March 14 to March 17, drawing in top anglers from around the world.

The standings after Day 1 on Lay Lake are:

1st: Michael Neal, Dayton, Tenn., 21 bass, 52-9
2nd: Dalton Head, Moody, Ala., 17 bass, 44-6
3rd: Anthony Gagliardi, Prosperity, S.C., 15 bass, 38-13
4th: Dustin Connell, Clanton, Ala., 16 bass, 38-0
5th: Ryan Salzman, Huntsville, Ala., 10 bass, 35-11
6th: Jacob Wheeler, Harrison, Tenn., 15 bass, 35-9
7th: Ron Nelson, Berrien Springs, Mich., 13 bass, 33-14
8th: Cole Floyd, Leesburg, Ohio, 13 bass, 32-1
9th: Keith Poche, Pike Road, Ala., 10 bass, 31-0
10th: Nick Hatfield, Greeneville, Tenn., 11 bass, 29-2
11th: Jonathon VanDam, Kalamazoo, Mich., nine bass, 26-11
12th: John Cox, DeBary, Fla., 10 bass, 26-9
13th: Alton Jones, Jr., Waco, Texas, 10 bass, 25-12
14th: Greg Vinson, Wetumpka, Ala., nine bass, 25-1
15th: Jesse Wiggins, Addison, Ala., 10 bass, 24-6
16th: Gerald Spohrer, Gonzales, La., nine bass, 22-15
17th: Matt Becker, Ten Mile, Tenn., seven bass, 22-9
18th: Ott DeFoe, Blaine, Tenn., eight bass, 21-14
19th: Todd Faircloth, Jasper, Texas, eight bass, 21-4
20th: Matthew Stefan, Junction City, Wis., eight bass, 20-11
21st: Bradley Roy, Lancaster, Ky., eight bass, 19-11
22nd: Jeremy Lawyer, Sarcoxie, Mo., eight bass, 18-15
23rd: Spencer Shuffield, Hot Springs, Ark., seven bass, 18-14
24th: Dakota Ebare, Brookeland, Texas, six bass, 17-15
25th: Nick LeBrun, Bossier City, La., six bass, 17-5
26th: Takahiro Omori, Tokyo, Japan, six bass, 16-8
27th: Adrian Avena, Vineland, N.J., six bass, 16-6
28th: John Hunter, Shelbyville, Ky., six bass, 15-6
29th: Alton Jones, Lorena, Texas, six bass, 14-14
30th: Cliff Pace, Petal, Miss., five bass, 14-12
31st: Dylan Hays, Hot Springs, Ark., five bass, 14-5
32nd: Cody Meyer, Star, Idaho, five bass, 13-12
33rd: David Dudley, Lynchburg, Va., five bass, 13-11
34th: Bryan Thrift, Shelby, N.C., four bass, 13-8
35th: Brent Ehrler, Redlands, Calif., five bass, 13-2
36th: Justin Lucas, Guntersville, Ala., five bass, 13-1
37th: Joshua Weaver, Macon, Ga., four bass, 11-15
38th: Mark Rose, Wynne, Ark., five bass, 11-6
39th: Jordan Lee, Cullman, Ala., three bass, 10-8
40th: Emil Wagner, Marietta, Ga., four bass, 10-4
41st: Mark Daniels, Jr., Tuskegee, Ala., three bass, 9-2
42nd: Andy Morgan, Dayton, Tenn., three bass, 8-12
43rd: Jeff Sprague, Wills Point, Texas, three bass, 8-9
44th: Josh Butler, Hayden, Ala., three bass, 7-8
45th: Edwin Evers, Talala, Okla., three bass, 7-0
46th: Kelly Jordon, Flint, Texas, three bass, 6-5
47th: Chad Mrazek, Montgomery, Texas, two bass, 5-12
48th: Chris Lane, Guntersville, Ala., two bass, 4-4
49th: Kevin VanDam, Kalamazoo, Mich., one bass, 3-8
50th: Andy Montgomery, Blacksburg, S.C., one bass, 3-2

Upcoming Tournament Stages and Schedule

Looking ahead, the competition format for each stage of the 2024 Bass Pro Tour promises to keep the excitement high. The tournament features six days of competition using the catch, weigh, immediate-release format, providing a thrilling and dynamic experience for participants and spectators alike. The tournament includes the following stages:

  1. Qualifying Round
  2. Elimination Round
  3. Knockout Round
  4. Championship Round

The Knockout Round and final day Championship Round are considered the highlight stages of the tournament, where the competition intensifies and the stakes are high, following the seven regular season tournaments and the two day qualifying round.

In the Knockout Round, weights are reset to zero, and anglers strive to place in the top 10 for a chance to advance to the Championship Round. This format adds excitement and uncertainty to the competition. With nearly all anglers remaining in contention to make the cut after Day 1, the upcoming stages promise to be fiercely competitive and exciting.

With a combination of skill, strategy, and a bit of luck, the top anglers will advance to the Championship Round, where they will vie for the coveted title and the hefty prize. As the tournament progresses, the upcoming stages are set to offer thrilling moments, intense competition, and an unforgettable angling experience.

Knockout Round

The Knockout Round at Bass Pro Shops REDCREST 2024 is a critical stage in the tournament, with the top 20 anglers based on previous standings competing for a spot in the Championship Round. The cut line for advancing to the Knockout Round settled at 20 pounds, 11 ounces, with Matt Stefan holding the 20th-place spot.

The objective for anglers in the Knockout Round is to secure a position in the top 10 to progress to the Championship Round. As the anglers vie for these coveted spots, the Knockout Round promises to deliver high-stakes competition and thrilling action for both participants and spectators.

Championship Round

The Championship Round at Bass Pro Shops REDCREST 2024 is the final stage that determines the tournament winner. It features intense competition among the top 10 anglers vying for the trophy. Taking place on March 17, the final day of the tournament will see elite anglers including:

  • Cole Floyd
  • Justin Lucas
  • Jacob Wheeler
  • James Watson

battling for the title.

The stakes in the Championship Round are high, with a lucrative $100,000 top prize at stake for the winning angler. This substantial monetary reward adds an extra layer of excitement to the competition, making the Championship Round a thrilling culmination of the tournament.

As the Bass Pro Shops REDCREST 2024 progresses towards the Championship Round, the anticipation is palpable. With the title, trophy, and a significant prize up for grabs, the Championship Round promises to be a thrilling spectacle of skill, strategy, and suspense.


As we wrap up our journey through the first day of Bass Pro Shops REDCREST 2024, it’s clear that this tournament is a testament to the skill, strategy, and competitive spirit that define professional angling. From Michael Neal’s impressive lead to the thrilling performances of top anglers, the tournament showcased an exciting mix of strategy, skill, and suspense.

Lay Lake, with its unique challenges and opportunities, served as a captivating backdrop for the tournament. The anglers demonstrated their adaptability and strategic thinking, navigating changing conditions and employing diverse tactics. The upcoming stages of the tournament promise to be equally thrilling, with the Knockout and Championship Rounds set to test the skills and strategies of the top anglers.

As the Bass Pro Shops REDCREST 2024 unfolds, we can expect more thrilling moments, intense competition, and a deep dive into the fascinating world of professional angling. So, stay tuned and join us on this captivating journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who won MLF Redcrest?

Bryan Thrift won the 2023 MLF REDCREST Championship on Lake Norman.

Where is the Redcrest Expo in 2024?

The Redcrest Expo in 2024 will take place on Lay Lake from March 14-17 and will showcase 50 top MLF anglers competing for a $300,000 prize.

Where is the 2025 Bassmaster Classic near me?

The 2025 Bassmaster Classic will take place in Fort Worth, Texas.

Who led the Bass Pro Shops REDCREST 2024 after Day 1?

Michael Neal led the Bass Pro Shops REDCREST 2024 after Day 1 with 21 bass weighing 52 pounds and 9 ounces.

What were the unique challenges faced by anglers on Day 1?

On Day 1, anglers faced challenges such as obscured visibility due to pollen in the water and changing water conditions, which forced them to adapt their strategies. adapting to these conditions was crucial for their success on the first day.

Major League Fishing’s Fisheries Management Division to Hold Two Conservation Events at Lake Logan Martin in Conjunction with REDCREST 2024  



The Major League Fishing (MLF) Fisheries Management Division (FMD) will hold two conservation events at Lakeside Park at Lake Logan Martin in Cropwell, Alabama, this week in conjunction with REDCREST 2024 Powered by OPTIMA Lithium and the MLF Outdoor Sports Expo, which is taking place in Birmingham, Alabama.


MLF FMD Kickoff to Alabama Power Renew Our Rivers – Lake Logan Martin (Coosa River)

Saturday, March 16, 7 a.m. – 10 a.m. 

Minn Kota Habitat Restoration Project Supported by KVD Foundation and MossBack Fish Habitat

Monday, March 18, 8 a.m. – 10 a.m.


Lakeside Park, 2801 Stemley Bridge Road, Cropwell, Alabama 

MLF has partnered with Alabama Power to support the Renew Our Rivers program. Renew Our Rivers began in 2000 as a community river cleanup organized by Alabama Power employees from Plant Gadsden concerned about litter found along the Coosa River. Today, Renew Our Rivers is one of the nation’s largest river cleanups. With the help of local community partners, volunteers and organizations, Alabama Power has coordinated more than 122,000 volunteers and removed 16 million pounds of trash from Southeastern waterways.

Monday’s artificial habitat deployment is the second of five this year for the FMD Minn Kota Habitat Restoration Program at Bass Pro Tour and Tackle Warehouse Invitational stops across the country.  

Bass Pro Tour anglers that competed in this week’s REDCREST 2024 championship, and members of the Major League Fishing (MLF) Fisheries Management Division (FMD) in Partnership with Alabama Power, the KVD Foundation and MossBack Fish Habitat will deploy MossBack Artificial Habitat into Logan Martin Lake. Alabama Power will use their habitat enhancement barges to strategically place the habitat into key areas that the numerous fish that call Logan Martin Lake home.  

The mission of the Major League Fishing Fisheries Management Division is to improve the quality of life for bass through Research, Education, Fisheries Enhancement, and Fish Care. 

Interview Availability:  

Wes Anderson, Environmental Affairs, Alabama Power

Steven Bardin, Fisheries Biologist, MLF Fisheries Management Division 

Jason Carlee, Water Field Services Manager, Alabama Power

Brent Chapman, MLF Pro Angler 

Mike Clelland, Environmental Affairs Specialist, Alabama Power  

Gary Klein, MLF Pro Angler 

Greg Vinson, MLF Pro Angler 

For complete details and updated information on Major League Fishing, the Bass Pro Tour and REDCREST 2024, visit MajorLeagueFishing.com. For regular updates, photos, tournament news and more, follow MLF’s social media outlets at FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube.

About Major League Fishing 

Major League Fishing (MLF) is the world’s largest tournament-fishing organization, producing more than 250 events annually at some of the most prestigious fisheries in the world, while broadcasting to America’s living rooms on CBS, Discovery Channel, Outdoor Channel, CBS Sports Network, World Fishing Network and on demand on MyOutdoorTV (MOTV). Headquartered in Benton, Kentucky, the MLF roster of bass anglers includes the world’s top pros and more than 30,000 competitors in all 50 states and 17 countries. Since its founding in 2011, MLF has advanced the sport of competitive fishing through its premier television broadcasts and livestreams and is dedicated to improving the quality of life for bass through research, education, fisheries enhancement and fish care.