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iKon Boats Groundbreaking L2 Livewell System

News Distribution: iKon Boats Revolutionizes Bass Boat Industry with Groundbreaking L2 Latona Livewell System

MADISONVILLE, TN – iKon Boats, a pioneer in the bass boat industry, announces the launch of the innovative L2 Latona Livewell System, a groundbreaking feature designed to protect fish during and after tournaments. The L2 Livewell System is integrated into iKon Boats’ new LX series, marking the company’s official entry into the bass boat market.

Innovative L2 Livewell System: Conservation at the Forefront

At the heart of the iKon Boats brand is a commitment to innovation with a conservationist
mindset. Inspired by professional anglers and fishery conservation enthusiasts, the L2 Livewell System is designed to minimize harm to fish while in captivity and protect fish resources for future generations.

Unparalleled Technology for Optimal Fish Care

L2 Livewell Control Screen. iKon Boats
L2 Livewell System Control Panel

The L2 Livewell System offers unparalleled technology to maintain the ideal water conditions for fish, combined with critical features in the livewell construction. Controlled via a digital LCD screen on the dash, the system includes the following features:

  • Auto-fill
  • Auto-maintain-fill
  • Auto-circulate
  • Auto-oxygenation
  • Auto-inject fish additive
  • Auto temperature(s)
  • Addressing Delayed Mortality in Fish

Norm Latona, founder and CEO of Southeast Pond, highlights the importance of the L2 Livewell System, stating, “The fisheries community have known for years that when we introduce significant water changes to bass, especially in the hot part of the year, the delayed mortality rate can be catastrophic. This isn’t something new to the fishing community – it’s a major concern, especially in hot southern climates, but until now, we haven’t given our anglers the tools they need.”

A Win for the Ecosystem

Shane Chittum, CEO of HCB Group, proclaims the L2 Livewell System is a step in the right
direction for the ecosystem, and encourages iKon Boats to work with other boat manufacturers on licensing agreements, leveraging the extraordinary accomplishments of this pursuit team.

L2 Livewell System Chiller Plate
L2 Livewell: Automated Fish IV Tank & Temperature Control

Growing the Future of Fishing

The L2 Livewell System not only addresses the immediate concerns of anglers but also
supports the future of fishing. With youth fishing on the rise and changes in bass circuit
tournaments, the new L2 system connects the dots of tradition and innovation to advance the future of fishing.

About iKon Boats

iKon Boats is an innovative bass boat manufacturer based in Madisonville, TN. Driven by a
commitment to conservation and the passion of professional anglers, iKon Boats offers cutting-edge technology and designs to revolutionize the bass boat industry. With the launch of the L2 Livewell System, iKon Boats continues its mission to protect fish resources and grow the future of fishing.

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