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VOKOL™ Acoustics Partners with iKon Boats

VOKOL™ Acoustics Partners with iKon Boats to Launch Groundbreaking Sound System for Bass Anglers Featuring ReelQuiet™️


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VOKOL™ Acoustics Partners with iKon Boats to Launch
Groundbreaking Sound System for Bass Anglers Featuring ReelQuiet™️

ELKHART, IN. – June 12, 2024 – VOKOL Acoustics unveils an innovative marine audio system for iKon Bass Boats featuring the industry-first ReelQuiet™️ system paired with premium Klipsch® Marine speakers. This groundbreaking new audio system promises to take the bass fishing experience to a new level.

2025 iKon LX21 bass boat featuring the new VOKOL Acoustics sound system

After listening to feedback from anglers concerned about audio affecting their catch or impacting the fishing experience, VOKOL created and integrated an innovative feature called ReelQuiet into the new sound system for iKon’s Model Year 2025 LX Series bass boats. Operated via iKon’s multifunction touchscreen control panel at the helm, ReelQuiet automatically removes the cockpit speakers from the sound system, allowing only the the helm speaker to play. With the helm speaker’s carefully calibrated output and the boat’s design, which isolates sound from the hull, anglers can enjoy listening to their favorite music, podcasts, or sports games without worrying about scaring away fish or draining battery levels.

“Due to space restrictions, bass boat speakers typically are mounted to the inner gunwales and at any volume level, the sound vibrates and resonates the hull of the boat. This gets transferred to the water, even at the lowest volume level. Fish use vibrations to avoid prey, so any resonating of the hull, especially at lower frequencies, is considered a negative by anglers,” said Don Nesbit, director of innovation at VOKOL Acoustics. “ReelQuiet solves the problem at the touch of a finger.”

“As a professional angler, I didn’t prioritize audio on my boat until I experienced the iKon bass boat’s Klipsch audio system,” said Brent Butler, winner of the 2024 American Bass Anglers Pro League Season Opener. “The volume-matched helm and cockpit speakers deliver amazing sound, and having the option not to disturb the fish with the ReelQuiet tech while still having sound is an outstanding solution. It’s the perfect blend of enjoyment and functionality while on the water.”

Rooted in the Arkansas bass boat culture, Klipsch Marine is renowned for its high-quality audio, making the collaboration with VOKOL Acoustics a perfect match for delivering exceptional sound experiences in iKon Bass Boats. The new sound system is standard on all 2025 iKon LX20 and LX21 models. It features two efficiently designed 7″ Klipsch speakers strategically placed for optimal sound delivery, complemented by a specially designed, full-definition helm audio speaker that delivers rich, full-range sound above the cockpit, maximizes limited space, and ensures an engulfing audio experience.

“For bass boat enthusiasts, every detail matters, including the audio experience,” said Nesbit. “With our new audio system, anglers can enjoy premium sound quality without compromising the tranquility of their fishing environment or impacting battery levels. VOKOL continues to lead the industry by bringing innovation and functional features to the marine OEM world.”

For more information about these innovative brands, visit their websites at www.vokolacoustics.com and www.ikonboats.com.

VOKOL Acoustics, LLC (https://vokolacoustics.com) stands at the forefront of audio technology innovation, particularly in the realm of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) collaborations. The company’s expertise lies in crafting audio systems tailored to the users’ needs and ensuring unparalleled boating experiences. Unlike many audio brands prioritizing quantity or size, VOKOL prioritizes functionality and integration, aligning seamlessly with OEM builders’ vision of excellence.

iKon Boats, LLC (https://ikonboats.com/) is a subsidiary of East Tennessee’s HCB Yachts (HCB). Its corporate office is located at 260 Industrial Park Road, Madisonville, TN 37354. iKon’s mission is centered on leveraging sophisticated yacht engineering and technology with consummate fishing anglers’ intellect to develop an innovative product that will redefine history in the market.

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