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iKon Boats LX21 Complete Guide

iKon Boats LX21 Official Release At The 2023 Bassmaster Classic & Expo

iKon Boats has officially entered the bass boat industry to push limits within the marketplace. Announcing its groundbreaking LX21.

LX will be followed by the VLX series in late 2023 and early 2024. This announcement marks the latest chapter in a two-year plan. This boat pays tribute to the original HydraSports bass boats that graced the waters nearly half a century ago.

LX21: iKon Boats New Era of Innovation and Craftsmanship

At the core of the iKon brand is innovation. Creating a watercraft using precision engineering, tailored craftsmanship, with a focus on conservation. The newly expanded company proudly introduced by HCB Yachts. The brand recognizes the need for a new category in the bass boat industry.

“When it comes to the runnability when it comes to the quality when it comes to the drivability it is a 10 it is a 10 with the ride is a 10 with the drivability”

Andy Hauser: Owner/CEO Team Marine Service

The new iKon Boats will showcase their LX21 bass boats at the 2023 Bassmaster Classic in Knoxville, TN.

iKon Boats & Jacob Wheeler

iKon Boats With Jacob Wheeler.

iKon Boats partnered with world-renowned bass fishing champion Jacob Wheeler and top luxury yacht manufacturer HCB Yachts. Together, they have redefined the standard for luxury bass boats, crafting vessels that blend unparalleled performance with unmatched style and sophistication.

With iKon Boats, you can expect nothing short of the best in design, technology, and craftsmanship. 

Speaking to Chuck Pippin Jr, Product Marketing Manager for iKon Boats, he states:

 “We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of boating. Our brand is built on a foundation of innovation, precision engineering, and masterful craftsmanship, all infused with a passion for both fishing and conservation.”

iKon Boats LX21 21" Bass Boat
Chuck Pippin driving the LX21. Photo Credit Ultimate Marine: https://www.ultimatemarine.com/

iKon bass boats provide an unparalleled on-water experience. Whether you’re a competitive angler or simply looking for the ultimate boating luxury, iKon Boats are the perfect choice for discerning boaters everywhere.

LX21 Bass Boat Overview

The iKon Boats LX21 is a 21-foot, 10-inch bass boat designed with the avid angler in mind. Boasting a 98-inch beam and an innovative two-piece flexible architecture. The LX21’s Stringer and deck design are specifically engineered to maximize fishing space. The additional deck space will draw attention at the 2023 Academy Sports + Outdoors Bassmaster Classic presented by Toyota.

A few notables:

  1. iKonic Terrain: (iT) stringer and deck design equals more space than any other 21-foot boat
  2. L2 Livewell System: Patented system that uses technology to protect fish during and after a tournament.
  3. Hydrodynamic Stabilizer SystemTM (HSS) Hull: Developed for a smooth ride and with performance handling on any body of water.
  4. E-seat System: Cradles the body, incredibly comfortable for long days on the water.
  5. Helm/Cockpit: Incredible integration of an easy to use automation system
  6. Trailer/Storage: Custom Boatmate Trailer with the strongest warranty in the industry
LX21 With Humminbird Solix 12’s

As you board the LX21, you’ll be immediately impressed by the spacious walk-around front step pad, which provides ample room to move about, even with three factory-mounted graphs. The premium padded carpet covering the entire front deck and deck lids makes long days on the water more comfortable.

LX 21 LED Lit Deck Compartment
Deck Compartment with LED Lights

The LX21’s fully finished interior liner elevates this bass boat to a new level of luxury. Each meticulously finished compartment is outfitted with bright LED lights, ensuring visibility even in low-light conditions. Furthermore, the aluminum lids are secured with waterproof stainless steel compression latches for added protection and durability.

LX21 21' 10" Beam
LX21 Bass Boat 21ft 10″ (98″) Beam

Yacht Engineering For Bass Fisherman

Yacht engineering and technology with consummate fishing anglers’ intellect to develop an innovative product that will redefine history in the market. In favor of adopting such a strategy, HCB yachts partnered with experience-enabling, product expert and professional angler, Brent Butler, and ultimately two-time angler of the year, Jacob Wheeler.

iKonic Terrain: Unrivaled Fishing Space

The “iKonic Terrain” (IT) utilizes a 2-piece flexible architecture in its stringer and deck designs. Optimized to provide unrivaled fishing real estate compared to any other 21-foot bass boat I found. The forward fishing locker offers over 21.5 cubic feet of space, capable of holding more than 50 Plano boxes while still leaving plenty of room for extra clothing.

Incredibly spacious, it can even be a personal storm shelter when empty. The rod locker can accommodate an impressive 36 rods up to 9’8″ in length. The ultra-dry, tall gutter system protects the waterproof hatches even in the wettest conditions. The hatches showcase a polished finish under the hood. Say goodbye to water intrusion in your rear mechanical hatches.

  • Most Storage In The Industry
  • Waterproof, Lightweight Powder Coated Hatches
  • Largest Fishing Deck In The Game
  • Bow Can Outfit Three 12″ Screens
  • Fully Gel Coated Liner Bow To Stern
  • Coosa Blue Water 26 Stinger Is Integrated With Two Oversized 4-inch Knees. Fully Molded And Bonded To Deliver A Robust Yachting Transom Solution
  • Enabled To Accommodate Four Agm Batteries Standard, Plus An Additional Battery For The Chiller Plate, There Is Still Room For One More
  • Intuitively Designed To Eliminate Inherent Passenger Rod Interference While Accessing And Stowing

Unparalleled Storage Capacity

Offering the most storage in the industry, the waterproof, lightweight powder-coated hatches are the epitome of durability and functionality.

Expansive Fishing Deck

Experience the oversized bow fishing deck, designed to accommodate three 12″ screens for the ultimate in convenience and practicality.

Comprehensive Gel Coating Protection

The gel-coated liner extends from bow to stern, ensuring complete and seamless protection throughout the vessel.

Robust Transom Solution

The Coosa Blue Water 26 Stinger integrates two oversized 4-inch, fully molded, and bonded knees to deliver a highly robust yachting transom solution.

Generous Battery Storage

LX21 Battery Storage

With the capacity to house four standard AGM batteries and an additional battery for the chiller plate, there’s still room for one more, demonstrating the exceptional storage capabilities.

Intuitive Design for Rod Access

The intelligently designed boat eliminates inherent passenger rod interference when accessing and stowing rods, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free fishing experience.

L2 Livewell System: Latona Livewell System

The L2 livewell is designed to protect fish during and after a tournament. The patented “L2” livewell system is integrated with technology that has kept bait alive in the hot coastal saltwater industry for days. 

Unparalleled Technology for Optimal Fish Care

The L2 Livewell System offers unparalleled technology to maintain the ideal water conditions for fish, combined with critical features in the livewell construction.

Controlled via a digital LCD screen on the dash, the system includes the following features:

  • Auto-fill
  • Auto-maintain-fill
  • Auto-circulate
  • Auto-oxygenation
  • Auto-inject fish additive
  • Auto temperature(s)
  • Addressing Delayed Mortality in Fish
  • 35-gallon capacity

Norm Latona, founder and CEO of Southeast Pond, highlights the importance of the L2 Livewell System, stating,

Save your time and money with ice and manually add fish additives throughout the day so you can focus on fishing! And if that’s not enough, you don’t even have to get out of the cockpit to fill your bag for weigh-ins with the quick connect fill system.

“The L2 Livewell System is a step in the right
direction for the ecosystem, and encourages iKon Boats to work with other boat manufacturers on licensing agreements, leveraging the extraordinary accomplishments of this pursuit team.”

Shane Chittu, CEO of HCB Group

Additional Features For Bass Fisherman

Featuring custom-designed ergonomic grips on the livewell lid, the L2 Livewell System showcases both functionality and style.

This innovative system incorporates dual pumps strategically positioned below the waterline, ensuring continuous prime and equipped with backup functionality for added reliability.

Additionally, a quick-connect hose fill system, conveniently located near the cockpit, simplifies the filling of weigh-in bags, further enhancing the overall fishing experience.

Hydrodynamic Stabilizer SystemTM (HSS)

The groundbreaking “Hydrodynamic Stabilizer System” (HSS) hull is a cutting-edge innovation that seamlessly merges the most advanced naval architect design principles from saltwater fisheries with the performance demands of freshwater environments. The result is a ride that stands unparalleled in terms of stability, comfort, responsiveness, and speed.

Hydrodynamic Stabilizer System
“Hydrodynamic Stabilizer System” (HSS) hull

Stable Ride In Conditions Most Bass Boats Slow Down In

Carefully engineered to conquer any body of water you might encounter, the HSS hull effectively eliminates fishing disruptions caused by hard chops, providing a smooth and stable experience. The proof, as they say, is in the ride.

Say goodbye to chine locking and embrace the HSS hull’s optimized stability, both while navigating rough waters and during fishing. Drive confidently at full throttle, knowing that the HSS hull will perform consistently and predictably.

“When it comes to the runnability when it comes to the quality when it comes to the drivability it is a 10 it is a 10 with the ride is a 10 with the drivability”

Andy Hauser: Owner/CEO Team Marine Service

Furthermore, the smooth, non-impactful turns across various water columns are yet another highlight of the HSS hull’s performance.

Additionally, the bow height is meticulously adjusted for optimal water level. This feature comes standard and is an effective solution eliminating bow tip.

In summary, the HSS hull delivers an unparalleled boating experience by combining stability, comfort, and performance in a revolutionary design.

E-Seat System

With capabilities unmatched by any seating system in the industry, ikon introduces the all-new e-seat system to complement a world-class helm and controls configuration. Inspired by the automotive industry, the e-seat designs incorporate intelligent features with an embedded in-house 6-spring suspension system. Additional controls allow you to quickly move forward or backward for optimal comfort.

iKon Boats E-Seat System

The intuitive configuration removes interference structure to look around to any spot of the boat underway, Doesn’t require a muscle-up getting in and out of the driver’s seat, and cradles the body with comfort for long days on the water.

E-Seat Fiberglass Shell

Transform comfort and color with the seat with a uniquely infused fiberglass back. Keep cool in any hue imaginable. This seat is incredibly comfortable and doesn’t get hot during the summer. With high-quality breathable Cool Breeze upholstery materials – perfect for those hot summer days!

Helm & Cockpit

The helm advanced innovations through a powerful synergy of advanced controls, industry trends, and customer engagement. The outcome is a seamless integration of automation facilitated by IKON’s proprietary software control system. The single-piece helm is a dazzling testament to beauty and functionality, brimming with features.

LX21 Helm

The easy to use 7″ LCD touchscreen control system is equipped with a sealed glove box.

Additionally, the revolutionary one-touch crank and trolling motor start push button. This allows you to power on and off the entire boat while seated comfortably in the driver’s seat. This innovative design is compatible with any driving system available today.

Key features of our state-of-the-art helm include:

  • A stunning single-piece polished fiberglass helm, complete with an integrated glove box that exudes personality, accentuated by a decorative racing stripe
  • A custom IP67 7″ inch LCD touchscreen control system for seamless boat operations, such as livewell, audio, digital switching, engine data, and more
  • Enhanced customer engagement through high-frequency redundant toggle switches
  • A top-of-the-line JL Audio system featuring two five-inch speakers for an immersive listening experience
  • An electrical single push button for effortless powering of the cranking and trolling motor

All Day Ice Insulated Cooler

This is one of the best boat coolers on the market. The fully insulated cooler accommodates a case of water and is proven to deliver all-day ice on a hot day. 

iKon Boats Forward Cooler
Insulated Forward Cooler Keeps Ice All Day Long

The forward cooler and the storage compartment between the seats is constructed with one and a half inches of insulation and insulated Lids. 

Trailer / Storing Your Boat

The LX fleet options include a tandem 14″ or 18″ wheel Boatmate Trailer. Optional custom styling and every component has been crafted for durability. Building a reliable trailer and mooring cover doesn’t allow for cutting any corners. 

Boat Trailer WIth 18" Custom Wheels
LX21 Boatmate Trailer With 18″ Custom Wheels. 14″ Wheels Available

Custom-designed Boatmate Trailer comes with a 5-year limited warranty. The Boatmate warranty is the strongest in the industry.

The boat stairway options allow for a safe and convenient way to enter and exit the boat without any physical stress to the body. The bunks are custom-fit for each boat model. The trailer is outfitted with an elite shield coating to protect the trailer and an option to upgrade to automated sensor runway lights that illuminate in the water unloading. 

APS Anti Puddle Waterproof Boat Cover

The unique mooring cover leads the industry with the first APS anti-puddling pole system. The mooring cover is completely secured with a simple ratchet system using marine-grade weatherproof canvas material crafted with anti-chafe padding for awkward locations around the boat.

APS Anti Puddle Waterproof Boat Cover
APS Anti Puddle Waterproof Boat Cover

The patented vacu-hold strapless trailering system eliminates billowing and buffeting to conform to the boat shape during trailing. 

With compartment zip access, you can quickly access the cockpit helm. This is helpful if you forget any personal belongings. Additionally, equipped with a fuel door cover. There is an expandable pocket to upgrade for different graph options. 

  • In And Out Trailer Stairway
  • Sensor-activated Runway Lights For Launching
  • Anti-puddling Pole System With Compartment Zip-in-and-out Easy Access

Boat, Trailer, Electronics & Motor Warranty Information

All claims run through the dealership. The dealerships direct access to iKon’s employees allow claims to process quickly. iKon’s system was developed around industry-leading customer service. Everything iKon does is with the end user in mind.

Boatmate Trailer Has A Standard 5 Year Warranty

Custom-designed Boatmate Trailer comes with a 5-year limited warranty. The Boatmate warranty is the strongest in the industry. According to Boatmate Trailers, LLC: “You have purchased the world’s best trailer from the world’s best manufacturer.

Hull, Shell & Integral Structure Warranty

The warranty is as dependable as the boat itself.

iKon supports the hull for the duration of your ownership of your iKon Boat and most interior non-structural parts for three years. Second-time owners of an iKon boat are eligible for a 10-year warranty.

The warranty is transferable to a second owner. The warranty for the second owner runs 10 years from the original owner’s date of purchase.

Non-Structural Components: Carpet, Deck Hardware ETC

For non-structural items like deck hardware and carpet, iKon Boats offer a three-year warranty. Ikon compared their warranty with those of other major bass boat brands and aimed to be one of the top warranties in the industry, and they have achieved that.

Electronics, Anchoring Systems, GPS ETC Warranty Information

The warranty coverage for the electronics offered by the manufacturers.

iKon Boats offers customized electronics from all major electronics manufacturers. This includes Humminbird, Lowrance, Garmin, Minn Kota, PowerPole, and others.

LX21 Prices

LX21 Starting MSRP $106,195.00

iKon Links: More information about iKon Boats or to build your own LX21

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