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MLF Releases Marty Stone: Cost Cutting

In a cost cutting effort Major League Fishing releases Marty Stone

The world of professional fishing has seen a monumental shift recently, with Major League Fishing (MLF) undergoing significant changes. Notably, Marty Stone, a veteran in the field and a familiar face to fans, is embarking on a new path after more than a decade of being the voice and face of MLF broadcasts.

A New Era for MLF and Marty Stone

Major League Fishing, since its inception over twelve years ago, has been synonymous with Marty Stone. His expertise as a color commentator, stemming from his experience as a tour pro, has been integral to MLF’s success. However, the 2024 season marks a departure from this tradition. Stone, a key figure in MLF’s growth, has been informed that he will not be returning to the broadcast team. This change is part of broader cost-cutting strategies within the organization, not a reflection of Stone’s performance.

One thing for sure is I’m looking forward to having a spring to be able to fish close to home and not have to worry about getting on a plane every week

Marty Stone

The Unexpected Turn and Divine Faith

Stone admits that this development was somewhat unexpected, but he remains steadfast in his faith. He believes that a higher power has a different, potentially more fulfilling path for him. This unwavering faith has been a guiding principle in his life, especially during times of change.

Embracing New Opportunities

Despite this career pivot, Stone is not left seeking employment. His journey took an interesting turn in 2022 when he visited A&K Dock Services. This encounter led to a part-time job that perfectly balanced his love for the outdoors with his professional commitments to MLF. Stone’s adaptability and enthusiasm for new challenges shone through, and soon, he became a key player in the dock business.

From Part-Time to Full-Time: A Seamless Transition

Following his departure from MLF, Stone wasted no time in transitioning to a full-time role at A&K Dock Services. His dedication and work ethic have already started to pay dividends, significantly reducing the company’s lead times and improving efficiency. His role as a production manager is a testament to his ability to adapt and thrive in different environments.

Expanding Horizons: Beyond the Dock

Stone’s ventures go beyond the dock business. He is actively involved in open-house events at Anglers Choice Marine locations and is managing a deer hunting farm. This 659-acre property, a haven for deer hunters, reflects Stone’s deep connection with nature and his expertise in wildlife management.

  • Marty Stone holds a legacy of nearly $1 million in earnings over a 17-season career in Major League Fishing and played a pivotal role off the water as Director of Event Research and Program Analyst.
  • Stone has been a prominent figure in professional fishing since 1995, with notable achievements including 16 top 10 finishes, 2 wins, and career earnings of $647,446 in various bass fishing tournaments.
  • Beyond his financial success, Stone’s career in the world of fishing and Major League Fishing reflects themes of transformation, personal growth, resilience, and the influence of positive energy, akin to the symbolism of healing and transformative stones.

Marty Stone’s History At Major League Fishing

Marty Stone embarked on his Major League Fishing voyage with a string of impressive accomplishments. His three top-five finishes in the 2000 Wal-Mart FLW Tour season, including a second-place finish on the Pascagoula, signified new beginnings and showcased his ability to attract good luck. Over the course of his 17-season career, he accumulated nearly $1 million in earnings, a testament to his positive energy and his ability to achieve success.

Stone’s resilience and determination shone through, even without winning particular accolades. He achieved eight top-10 finishes during his five-year career on the FLW Tour and earned over $200,000. Much like the tiger’s eye stone, known for providing protection and self-confidence, Marty Stone proved that he could face challenging times with courage and confidence.

However, Stone’s input in Major League Fishing transcended his individual achievements. He took on new job responsibilities as Director of Event Research and Program Analyst. In these roles, he helped shape the future of the sport.

Stone’s role as an analyst for FLW Live broadcasts offered viewers a fresh perspective and clarity, mirroring the balance and clarity offered by the healing properties of stones. His dedication to the sport and his roles off the water played a significant part in expanding the reach and exposure of Major League Fishing.


In conclusion, Marty Stone’s journey from a seasoned MLF commentator to exploring new realms in the fishing industry and beyond serves as a shining example of embracing change with optimism and grace. His story is not just about fishing; it’s about life’s unpredictable nature and the endless possibilities that await when one door closes and several more open.

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