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Dual Pitch: Explosive Topwater Bait To Add To Your Fishing Arsenal

Experience Topwater Fishing Like Never Before with 13 Fishing Dual Pitch Pencil Walking Bait

Looking for that one topwater lure that can take your fishing game to the next level? Look no further than the 13 Fishing Dual Pitch Pencil Walking Bait.

This unique and deadly combination of action and sound is sure to tempt even the most elusive big fish with its pronounced swagger and clever rattle system.

Dual Sound Chamber

What makes this lure stand out from the competition is its dual sound chambers. The sound chambers create a synchronized clatter as the bait moves back and forth across the surface of the water.

In addition, the tungsten rattle in the tail acts as a weight transfer system. This allows for longer casts and reducing tumbling.

This topwater lure is incredibly versatile, offering the ability to be worked fast or slow. Additionally, the bait can make 180-degree turns and a range of wide or tight gliding motions.

Ultra-High Definition Paint Finishes And Holographic Eyes

Featuring ultra-high definition paint finishes and holographic eyes, the Dual Pitch Pencil Walking Bait is a true work of art that will look stunning in any body of water.

Available in two sizes – 94mm and 108mm – this lure comes in a range of impressive colors, including Albino Rhino, Rave Bunny, Dream Gill, and Greenie.

No matter what type of water you’re fishing in, there’s sure to be a color that will work wonders.

Well Constructed With Quality Everything

Built with two one-knocker mechanisms that synchronize to generate differing pitches. The Dual Pitch Pencil Walking Bait is designed for optimal sound and movement.

Furthermore, the large head chamber amplifies a higher pitch with stainless steel sounding, while the larger tungsten rattle in the smaller rear chamber creates a deeper pitch.

This design, combined with the bait’s tapered tail and Mustad KVD Elite Triple Grip trebles, ensures a higher hookup ratio and easier fish-catching.

Accurate Bomb Casting With Ease

But what really sets the Dual Pitch Pencil Walking Bait apart is its exceptional castability. With the right setup, you can work magic with this lure from a distance, even in choppy water.

Its strong nose end buoyancy provides firm resistance to diving, ensuring stability and easy casting.

Rod, Reel, & Line Setup For The Dual Pitch

We spoke with Captain Chuck Pippin, a seasoned bass fishing guide sponsored by 13 Fishing, to get his expert advice on the best gear and techniques for this approach.

Choosing the Right Rod and Line

According to Chuck, the right rod and line are critical to successfully fishing the dual pitch. He recommends a 7’3″ medium-heavy action rod for making long casts. This length provides enough leverage to control the bait and set the hook with ease.

As for the line, Chuck suggests using either 30lb braid or 15lb mono. If using braid, he advises tying on a 2′ – 3′ mono leader to prevent tangling on the treble hooks during the bait’s walking action. To tie the braid to the mono leader, Chuck recommends using a Double Uni Knot, and for tying the bait to the line, a Palomar knot.

Choosing the Right Reel and Rod Combo

Chuck recommends using a 7.3:1 Concept C reel and a 7’3″ medium-heavy Meta rod, both from 13 Fishing. This combo provides a high gear ratio, allowing you to reel in quickly and make more casts. The rod’s medium-heavy action gives enough power and sensitivity to control the bait while casting.

Mastering the Dual Pitch Technique

Once you have the right gear, it’s time to master the dual pitch technique. Chuck suggests starting with short casts and gradually increasing the distance as you become more comfortable. When retrieving the bait, use a slow, steady pace, keeping the bait moving in a walking motion. Be patient and wait for the bass to strike before setting the hook.


In summary, the 13 Fishing Dual Pitch Pencil Walking Bait is a top-of-the-line topwater lure that offers excellent sound, castability, and a range of beautiful finishes.

With its high-quality components, easy-to-walk action, and beautiful colors, this lure is a must-have for both experienced and novice anglers. So why wait? Get your hands on one today and experience the thrill of topwater fishing like never before!

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