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Catch Co Mystery Tackle Box aquired by Gordon Brothers

Mystery Tackle Box, INC. d/b/a/ Catch Co. may be in financial trouble as talks of bankruptcy or Notice of Assignement for the benefit of creditors (ABC)(also known as general assignment for the benefit of the creditors) could be coming soon.

Mystery Tackle Box, INC. d/b/a/ Catch Co. may be in financial trouble as talks of bankruptcy or Notice of Assignement for the benefit of creditors (ABC)(also known as general assignment for the benefit of the creditors) could be coming soon.

****UPDATE MARCH 4, 2024****

Catch Co. was sold to Gordon Brothers through an Assignment for The Benefit Of Creditors (ABC). This sale marked the end of Ross Gordon’s tenure as the CEO of Catch Co.

Message from Ross Gordon: https://tryingtothink.substack.com/p/saying-goodbye-to-catch-co


Ross Gordon spent approximately 12 years, or 30% of his life, building Catch Co., a company that started in his garage as Mystery Tackle Box, a subscription fishing tackle service. This venture grew into a significant entity in the fishing industry, achieving $300 million in lifetime sales and selling well over 10 million boxes, making it one of the fastest-growing and most well-known brands in fishing over the past decade. However, all journeys have their conclusions, and Gordon’s tenure at Catch Co. ended following the sale of the company’s assets to Gordon Brothers through an Assignment for The Benefit Of Creditors (ABC), marking a departure from his role as CEO.

This transition was not the fairy tale ending Gordon had envisioned, impacting not only him but also team members, lenders, investors, and partners. The story of Catch Co. is filled with highs and lows, from its humble beginnings and challenges to significant growth and eventual operational and financial hurdles that proved insurmountable. Despite these challenges, Gordon reflects on the important moments and lessons learned throughout this journey.

Catch Co.’s inception was met with skepticism, but Gordon’s lack of experience in the fishing industry, coupled with his digital marketing skills, allowed him to disrupt the traditional fishing market. The company’s growth was fueled by innovative approaches to product discovery, social media marketing, and brand building, distinguishing itself in a crowded market. Despite facing competition, operational challenges, and the need for constant adaptation, Catch Co. achieved remarkable success, growing its subscriber base and expanding into new ventures.

However, the company faced significant challenges, including changes in consumer behavior, privacy and tracking policy impacts, financial constraints, and market shifts, leading to a slowdown and eventual downsizing. The COVID-19 pandemic initially provided a boost in demand, but foundational shifts in the market and operational challenges eventually led to the decision to sell the company’s assets.

Gordon’s farewell to Catch Co. is a reflection on the complexities of entrepreneurship, the unpredictability of business, and the personal growth that comes from navigating such a journey. Despite the end of this chapter, Gordon looks forward to the future and the new opportunities it may bring.

****Original Article from January 16, 2024****

History of Financial Trouble For Mystery Tackle Box, INC. d/b/a/ Catch Co.

This isn’t the first time financial troubles have been reported about Mystery Tackle Box or Catch Co. In 2020, many consumers had reported double billing as @bengunnin91 reported “Not sure if anyone else has had a similar experience but mystery tackle box and Karl’s are trying to steal money from me.”

In a market where whispers quicken like startled fish, ‘mystery tackle box in financial trouble’ surfaces as a pressing query. This article aims to untangle these concerns, directly examining the company’s financial health. We’ll assess Mystery Tackle Box’s revenue growth, expense management, and sales performance to confirm or quell the rumors, providing clarity for anglers and investors alike.

Basic Overview

Mystery Tackle Box shows a significant revenue increase from $5 million to $11 million, indicating strong financial performance despite speculative rumors about its health.

Effective supply chain management and a strategy that includes maintaining lean operations are helping MTB mitigate costs and respond quickly to market changes.

Mystery Tackle Box, now rebranded as The Catch Co., is diversifying its business model beyond the subscription box service to increase customer retention and enhance financial stability.

Rumors vs. Reality: Mystery Tackle Box’s Financial Health


Whispers have been rippling through the angling community about the financial health of Mystery Tackle Box, a company that has hooked the hearts of many with its innovative approach to delivering fishing tackle. While some suggest the company may be facing financial difficulties, a closer inspection tells a different story. Indeed, MTB has seen its revenue surge from a respectable $5 million to an impressive $11 million within a single year.

Yet, despite this significant growth, a veil of mystery shrouds the detailed financials of these companies, as such information remains as elusive as the catch of a lifetime. This lack of public data certainly fuels speculation, but the robust revenue uptick is a clear indicator of a company that’s thriving rather than diving.

The Catch of the Day: Product Sales and Profit Margins

On any given fishing trip, the catch of the day can vary greatly, and so do the product sales and profit margins for Mystery Tackle Box. With lures priced from a mere 95 cents up to $10 and other fishing products ranging all the way to $100 for spinning reels, the company seems to have cast a net capable of catching customers with various spending appetites. High-end fly fishing products can even yield profits between $300 to $500 per item for retailers, showcasing the potential for significant returns. The standard retail markup on these products is about 40% to 50% over cost; however, Mystery Tackle Box often exceeds this, suggesting the company’s pricing strategy is designed to keep it financially afloat.

But it’s not all smooth sailing; some customers have felt that the items in their mystery box don’t match up to the value promised, casting a shadow over the perceived worth of their purchases and raising concerns about fake reviews. Interestingly, these concerns started surfacing a month ago, which indicates a potential shift in the quality of the products being offered in the mystery box at a reasonable price.

Reeling in Support: Customer Loyalty and Brand Strength

Mystery Tackle Box Financial Problems

The true catch for Mystery Tackle Box hasn’t just been the fish, but the unwavering support and loyalty of its customers. A strong brand presence, amplified by a robust social media following and influencer partnerships, has helped the company to not just navigate but conquer the turbulent waters of the angling community. The addiction to the excitement of discovery, as customers eagerly await the monthly surprise of new fishing gear, has turned many a casual angler into a devoted fan. Despite facing competition from larger outdoor retailers, Mystery Tackle Box has managed to keep the profitability of each subscription box afloat, a testament to its solid market position.

And with plans to extend the customer experience beyond the box through innovative data-driven commerce experiences, this retail company, MTB, continues to strengthen its line, aiming to reel in even greater customer engagement and financial stability.

Navigating Choppy Waters: Competitor Comparison

Amidst the sea of subscription services, Mystery Tackle Box steers a steady course, outperforming competitors like Lucky Tackle Box with its superior service, faster delivery, and a better-curated selection of fishing goodies. However, it’s not just smaller subscription services that MTB has to outmaneuver; the company also faces competition from the leviathans of the outdoor retail world like Bass Pro, which wields significant market power after acquiring Cabela’s.

Despite these strong currents, MTB’s higher score in direct competitor comparisons indicates that it’s not only staying afloat but is also sailing ahead of its rivals.

Tackling Debts and Investments: Financial Strategy Insights

As with any business, navigating the financial depths requires a well-charted course, and for bait and tackle shops like Mystery Tackle Box, the journey to break-even typically spans well over a year. This industry-wide financial trend provides a beacon for Mystery Tackle Box to steer its debt management and investment strategies towards sustainable growth.

As the company navigates towards this financial milestone, it is likely calibrating its long-term strategy to not just reach but surpass the break-even point, aiming for clear skies and calm seas on the financial horizon.

The Lure of Expansion: Growth Opportunities and Risks

Expansion and Diversification Efforts

With the winds of change blowing, Mystery Tackle Box has cast its line towards new horizons by rebranding as The Catch Co., an ambitious move to secure its place in the competitive fishing market. The expansion includes:

  • an e-commerce site for direct sales of tackle and fishing gear
  • Mystery Tackle Box remaining as a flagship product
  • the production of their own line of fishing lures

This strategic diversification is driven by a keen awareness of the subscription market’s limits and the quest for increased customer retention.

As The Catch Co. casts its net wider with interactive commerce experiences, it aims to:

  • Bolster financial stability by reducing its reliance on the subscription model
  • Navigate these new waters without diluting the core brand
  • Avoid the financial peril of investing in products that may not captivate the market.

Hooked on Transparency: Customer Communication and Trust

Communication is the lifeline between a company and its customers, and Mystery Tackle Box has set the hook deep with its commitment to transparency. With policies in place to provide assistance via email and social media, including a commitment to 24-hour email response times and extended weekend support, MTB is dedicated to keeping lines of communication open. Opting for online channels like live chat allows the company to maintain detailed records and share resources efficiently, promoting transparency and quick resolution of customer queries.

This personalized approach, coupled with the team’s expertise and friendliness, not only addresses customer needs but also builds a trust that’s as strong as the heaviest test fishing line. Moreover, the clarity provided by their subscription cancellation process reinforces the company’s transparent ethos and ensures customers feel respected and heard.

Angling for Answers: Addressing Customer Concerns

Catch Co Customer Service Issues

Even the best fishing expeditions can encounter snags, and for Mystery Tackle Box, addressing customer concerns is crucial for maintaining smooth sailing. The recurring issues of receiving duplicate items and the perception that the box contents don’t reflect their value have been a thorn in the company’s side, causing some customers to reconsider their subscriptions. It’s these very concerns that underpin the dialogue about MTB’s financial health and the company’s attentiveness to customer feedback.

By tackling these issues head-on, Mystery Tackle Box demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction, which is vital for the company’s continued financial buoyancy.

Fishing for Feedback: Analyzing Customer Reviews

Customer reviews often serve as a barometer for a company’s service, and the feedback for Mystery Tackle Box ranges from calm seas to stormy waters. With a ‘Great’ rating on Trustpilot and a majority of 5-star reviews, the company basks in the warm glow of positive customer sentiment. Enthusiastic anglers rave about the thrill of discovering new tackle and the convenience of the service, while others cast a shadow with concerns about product value and repetition.

The company’s proactive customer service, often cited in positive feedback, shows their commitment to addressing issues such as missing items or payment problems, with refunds or replacements offered as needed. This dedication to customer satisfaction is further demonstrated by their active response to negative reviews, where they seek to rectify complaints and improve their service. Nevertheless, some choppy waters remain, as issues with order fulfillment have surfaced, suggesting areas where operational efficiency could be improved to maintain and elevate customer satisfaction.


As we dock at the end of our journey, it’s clear that while Mystery Tackle Box has navigated through rumors and challenges, the company’s significant revenue growth, strong brand presence, and customer loyalty have kept it sailing steady. The strategic moves towards expansion and diversification, coupled with a commitment to transparency and customer service, paint a picture of a company that’s not only surviving but also poised for growth. As MTB casts its line into the future, it’s the excitement of the catch—the innovation and responsiveness—that will continue to define its place in the hearts of anglers and the market alike.

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