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2023 Pan American Bass Fishing Championship

Get ready, anglers! The 2023 Pan American Bass Fishing Championship is just around the corner, and it promises to be an unforgettable event. Imagine the thrill of watching the world’s top bass anglers battle it out on the beautiful Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, Arkansas. This championship will showcase world-class competition, legendary veterans, rising stars, and an incredible host city. Are you ready to dive in?

2023 USA Bass Pan American – iKon Boats Tailgate Tour

Key Takeaways

  • Witness the world’s top anglers battle it out at Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, Arkansas for the 2023 Pan American Bass Fishing Championship!
  • Get ready to be amazed with legendary veterans and rising stars competing for the title plus entertainment including live music performances and comedy shows.
  • Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from pros at Youth Fishing Day & as a Boat Captain during championship while supporting conservation and community engagement!

The Championship Event

USA Bass Team

Circle September 8th and 9th on your calendar! That’s when the Americas’ most skilled anglers, including special guest fishing legend Jimmy Houston, will convene in Hot Springs, Arkansas, vying for the esteemed title of Pan American Bass Fishing Champion. This world championship event, hosted at Lake Hamilton, will be an experience you won’t want to miss!

The world championship fishing events will be a global showcase of bass fishing’s elite, featuring teams from countries such as:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Puerto Rico
  • Colombia
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • South Africa
  • Philippines

As the tournament progresses, prepare to observe the deep bonds and fierce rivalry that develop among these world-class anglers.

World-Class Competition

Team Canada Bass Team

The championship will spotlight some of the world’s finest anglers, a dazzling mix of professionals, tournament champions, and seasoned amateurs. With competitors hailing from countries such as:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Puerto Rico
  • Colombia
  • El Salvador

The rivalry will be intense, with nerves running high in their quest for the Pan American Champion title.

This thrilling event promises to have you on the edge of your seat, as world-class competitors showcase their skills and strategies in the pursuit of victory. Prepare to be awed by the fervor, commitment, and proficiency these anglers demonstrate on the water.

Legendary Veterans and Rising Stars

The tournament will spotlight esteemed veterans such as Stephen Browning, Scott Martin, Roland Martin, and Jimmy Houston, all of whom have triumphed in a plethora of tournaments and garnered numerous coveted titles. These seasoned professionals will share the stage with rising stars such as Jacob Wheeler, Jordan Lee, and Brent Ehrler, who have already made impressive accomplishments in the bass fishing world.

Behold the dynamic fusion of seasoned experience and youthful vigor as these venerated veterans and emerging talents vie for the championship title. Their combined expertise makes for an exhilarating event that will inspire and captivate bass fishing enthusiasts worldwide.

Host City: Hot Springs

Nestled in the heart of Arkansas, Hot Springs is the perfect host city for the 2023 Pan American Bass Fishing Championship. Boasting a rich angling heritage, Hot Springs has been the stage for the FLW’s Forrest Wood Cup – the world championship of professional bass fishing – on numerous occasions. The picturesque Lake Hamilton, located on the southern edge of Hot Springs, is a popular spot for year-round fishing, and its pristine waters will set the stage for this exhilarating championship.

While in Hot Springs, anglers and spectators can also explore Hot Springs National Park, which allows fishing as a means of public enjoyment. With its beautiful scenery and strong connection to the fishing world, Hot Springs provides the perfect backdrop for this highly anticipated event.

The Road to the Championship

2023 Pan American Bass Winners

The journey to the 2023 Pan American Bass Fishing Championship culminates at the picturesque Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The United States Angling Confederation and Visit Hot Springs are hosting this extraordinary event, which will bring together top anglers from around the world.

The USA Bass Team, consisting of renowned anglers like Scott Martin, Roland Martin, John Cox, David Dudley, and many more, will face fierce competition from international anglers hailing from Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and other countries in the Americas. With such a diverse and talented lineup, the 2023 Pan American Bass Fishing Championship is shaping up to be a truly legendary event.

USA Bass Team Selection

Choosing the USA Bass Team is a thrilling process, involving handpicking the crème de la crème of anglers from the FLW and BASS organizations to represent the USA at the annual world bass championship. The criteria for selection include tournament results, experience, and the ability to represent the USA in a positive manner.

Being part of the USA Bass Team comes with incredible benefits. Team members:

  • Have the opportunity to compete in the world bass championship
  • Represent the USA on the international stage
  • Enjoy the potential for sponsorships and endorsements

It’s an honor and a privilege for these skilled anglers to represent their country in the sport they love.

International Competitors

The 2023 Pan American Bass Fishing Championship will feature a vibrant spectrum of gifted anglers from across the globe, hailing from countries like:

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Argentina

To qualify for the championship, these anglers must first compete in regional tournaments, and once they’ve earned their spot, they travel to Hot Springs, Arkansas, to compete in the championship.

These international competitors not only bring their unique techniques and strategies to the competition, but they also add to the excitement of the event by showcasing a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds. Their presence at the championship elevates the competition and offers a truly global perspective on the sport of bass fishing.

The iKon Boat Connection

ikon LX21 Bass Boat
ikon LX21

The 2023 Pan American Bass Fishing Championship is proud to have iKon Boats as its official bass boat sponsor. iKon Boats, the new boat brand that everyone is talking about, is a leading manufacturer of high-performance bass fishing boats. Founded in 2020 by a team of experienced anglers and engineers, iKon Boats aims to create the best bass fishing boats on the market.

As the official boat sponsor, iKon Boats will provide the championship with:

  • Top-notch, high-performance boats that are designed to give anglers the best possible experience on the water
  • Cutting-edge technology and materials that set iKon Boats apart from other bass fishing boats
  • The ultimate performance and comfort during the competition

HCB Yachts and the iKon Story

The new iKon boat brand is an exciting addition introduced by HCB Yachts, a company renowned for manufacturing luxury yachts and fishing boats. HCB Yachts, formerly known as Hydra-Sports, started as a bass boat company in the 1970s and has now unveiled the iKon boats brand to the marketplace, which includes the LX21 and LX20 models.

This thrilling collaboration between HCB Yachts and iKon Boats has resulted in the creation of some of the most amazing fishing boats in the industry. Combining HCB Yachts’ expertise in luxury yachts with iKon’s dedication to producing high-performance bass fishing boats, this partnership promises to deliver a superior boating experience for anglers at the 2023 Pan American Bass Fishing Championship.

iKon Boats on Display

During the championship, attendees will have the opportunity to witness the incredible iKon Boats in action. These luxury fishing boats, designed and manufactured by HCB Yachts, offer a sleek design, advanced technology, and superior performance for the ultimate bass fishing experience.

iKon Boats are not only designed for top performance but also offer the latest in fishing technology, including GPS, radar, and sonar. With an array of accessories and customization options available, iKon Boats ensure that anglers have the perfect boat tailored to their needs.

Don’t miss the chance to see these impressive boats in action during the 2023 Pan American Bass Fishing Championship.

Event Highlights and Entertainment

Fish Hot Springs, Arkansas
Photo by Andy Hagedon

Beyond the thrilling competition, the 2023 Pan American Bass Fishing Championship promises a medley of entertainment options to captivate attendees during the event. From live music performances to comedy shows, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

One of the highlights of the event is the special Bridge Street LIVE event, featuring the pop hits band Manhattan, which promises to deliver an unforgettable evening of music and entertainment.

For more information on all the exciting activities and entertainment offerings during the championship, be sure to visit the official website of the United States Angling Confederation.

Bridge Street Live

Bridge Street Live, an art-deco styled venue in the historic town of Collinsville, Connecticut, offers a stunning view of the Farmington River and is a fantastic promoter that books events exclusively at Forty One Bridge Street. The venue features a huge stage, a full bar, and a plethora of seating options, making it the perfect place to enjoy live performances and entertainment during the championship.

With an exciting lineup of live music, comedy shows, and special events, Bridge Street Live promises to keep attendees entertained throughout the 2023 Pan American Bass Fishing Championship. Don’t miss the chance to experience this spectacular venue and its amazing entertainment offerings during the event!

Weigh-Ins and Awards Dinner

A crucial part of the 2023 Pan American Bass Fishing Championship is the daily weigh-ins, which will be held at the Andrew H. Hulsey State Fish Hatchery on Lake Hamilton at 4 p.m. each day. These exciting weigh-ins determine the standings of the anglers and play a significant role in deciding the ultimate champion.

The awards dinner, scheduled for Saturday, September 9, 2023, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the Hot Springs Convention Center, is another much-awaited event. It’s the perfect opportunity for attendees and volunteers to come together, celebrate the achievements of the anglers, and enjoy a delicious meal in a festive atmosphere.

Start Fishing: Tips for Aspiring Anglers

Motivated by the 2023 Pan American Bass Fishing Championship and itching to delve into bass fishing? Now is the perfect time! Here are some steps to get started:

  1. Join a local bass fishing club.
  2. Attend tournaments and observe experienced anglers.
  3. Learn from experienced anglers and ask for tips and advice.
  4. Practice your skills and techniques regularly.

By following these steps, you can immerse yourself in the world of bass fishing and hone your skills.

Regardless of whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned fisherman seeking to refine your skills, the championship provides a wealth of learning opportunities for budding anglers. From Youth Fishing Day to volunteering as Boat Captains for international teams, there’s no shortage of ways to gain invaluable experience and knowledge from the best in the sport.

Learning from the Pros

Youth Fishing Day is an incredible event held during the championship, where young anglers can participate and learn from experienced fishermen. By participating in this event, aspiring anglers can gain hands-on experience and knowledge from expert professionals in the field of bass fishing.

Another fantastic opportunity for learning is by volunteering as Boat Captains for the international teams at the championship. This allows aspiring anglers to work closely with seasoned professionals, observe their techniques, and gain valuable insights into the sport of bass fishing. Seize these unique learning opportunities and take your bass fishing skills to the next level!

Visit USAngling

USAngling, a 501c3 charitable organization, offers steadfast support to the U.S.A. National Fishing Teams, while advocating for competition, conservation, and community engagement. By visiting USAngling, you can find resources and information to help you get involved in the sport of bass fishing and support the U.S.A. National Fishing Teams.

USAngling’s mission is to:

  • Promote the sport of bass fishing
  • Provide unwavering support to the U.S.A. National Fishing Teams
  • Focus on increasing participation
  • Promote conservation
  • Foster community engagement

USAngling is an invaluable resource for aspiring anglers looking to dive into the world of bass fishing.


The 2023 Pan American Bass Fishing Championship promises to be an unforgettable event, featuring world-class competition, legendary veterans, rising stars, and an incredible host city. With a plethora of learning opportunities for aspiring anglers and exciting entertainment offerings, this championship is an experience you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting your fishing journey, the 2023 Pan American Bass Fishing Championship is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of bass fishing.


USA Bass Takes Gold At Pan Ams

The USA Bass Pan American Team was made up of these duos: Team Captain Scott Martin partnered with Roland Martin, Larry Nixon teamed up with Joey Cifuentes, Hilary Martin joined forces with Justin Hamner, David Dudley was paired with Michelle Jalaba, Tyler Rivet worked with Brock Mosley, Fred Roumbanis collaborated with Ron Nelson, John Cox was with Keith Carson, and Stephen Browning partnered with Hannah Wesley.

In addition to their team success, the USA Bass members swept the individual pair awards. Larry Nixon and Joey Cifuentes earned the Gold medal, followed by Hilary Martin and Justin Hamner with Silver, and Michelle Jalaba and David Dudley securing Bronze.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who won the 2023 Pan American Bass Fishing Championship?

U.S. won the 2023 Pan-American Bass Fishing Championship

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