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Press Release: iKon Boats LX20 Bass Boat

Press Release: iKon Boats Sets New Standards with the Launch of LX20 Bass Boat - A Perfect Fit in Any Garage


Press Release: iKon Boats Sets New Standards with the Launch of LX20 Bass Boat – A Perfect Fit in Any Garage

MADISONVILLE, TN (August 01, 2023) – Today, iKon Boats, a trailblazer in innovative marine solutions, officially announces the release of their newest model, the LX20 bass boat. This unveiling comes after its inaugural appearance at ICAST 2023, where attendees were given a sneak peek of the revolutionary design.

The LX20 is the latest addition to iKon Boats’ LX Series and continues to deliver ‘more of everything.’ Every feature from integration, fishability, intuitiveness, comfort, response, storage, protection, and most notably, personality, has been thoughtfully curated to offer an unprecedented boating experience.

LX20 Bass Boat From iKon Boats
LX20 Bass Boat From iKon Boats

“The LX series was developed with a focus on innovation, setting ambitious new standards for future products in the industry. Our relentless pursuit to preserve and grow the sport of fishing is evident in every feature of the LX20,” said a spokesperson for iKon Boats. “While it’s just a foot shorter than its predecessor, the LX20 seamlessly integrates all the beloved features of the first model, with the added convenience of being the perfect fit for any garage.”

Among its standout attributes, the LX20 presents a 360-degree access to the removable transom hatches and the bilge, providing ease of serviceability. Its impressive deck, maintaining a 98″ beam, offers ample room for fishing rods, while an array of waterproof, lightweight, powder-coated hatches ensure that storage will never be an issue.

Deck Of The LX20 Bass Boat
Deck Of The LX20 Bass Boat

The LX20 boasts an advanced “Hydrodynamic Stabilizer System” (HSS) hull design, ensuring a smooth ride in any water body. For the conservation-minded angler, the boat features the patented, fully automated, and temperature-controlled “L2” livewell system, designed to not only keep fish alive but to protect them, further enhancing iKon Boats’ commitment to preserving fishing for future generations.

Jacob Wheeler Fishing On the LX20 Bass Boat

The LX20’s specifications mirror the robustness and power of the iconic LX Series. With an overall length of 23′ – 7″, a hull length of 20′ – 10″, and a max horsepower of 250 hp, the LX20 is the perfect balance of size and strength.

“Born from an iconic spirit, the LX series continues to symbolize the power of a lifelong passion for fishing,” the spokesperson added. “After meticulous product design and development, the LX20 embodies the same revered features of the LX21, now conveniently designed to be the perfect fit in your garage.”

LX20 Bass Boat Parked In A Garage
LX20 Bass Boat Fits In Your Garage

With a half-century heritage rooted in Hydrasports, the board’s unanimous decision in 2019 saw the expansion into freshwater with a transformative bass boat portfolio. The ongoing expansion centers on merging sophisticated yacht engineering and technology with the insights of seasoned fishing anglers, a move set to redefine the industry’s history.

LX20 Features

  • Length – Overall: 23′ – 7″ (w/Trolling Motor Stowed, Engine Tucked)
  • Length – Hull: 20′ – 10″
  • Beam – Overall: 98″
  • Beam – Inside Gunnel: 86″ 
  • Engine – Max Horsepower: 250 hp
  • Fuel Capacity: 50 gal
  • Livewell: 35 gal “L2” Livewell System
  • Dry Weight – Base Boat (approx): 2000 lbs

Towing and Storage Specifications

  • Towing Length: 27′ – 7″ (Tongue Extended, Engine in Tow Position)
  • Storage Length: 25′ – 0″ (Tongue Folded, Engine Tucked)
  • Towing/Storage Width: 100″ (Standard Trailer w/14″ Tires)
  • Towing/Storage Width: 102″ (Standard Trailer w/18″ Tires)
  • Towing Storage Height: 80″ (Standard Trailer w/14″ Tires)
  • Towing Storage Height: 82″ (Standard Trailer w/18″ Tires)
  • Approximate Tongue Weight: 500 lbs
  • Trailer Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 6000 lbs

For more information on the new LX20, please visit https://ikonboats.com/lx20/.

About iKon Boats

A subsidiary of East Tennessee’s HCB Yachts (HCB), iKon Boats, LLC, operates from its headquarters in Madisonville, TN. The corporate office is located at 260 Industrial Park Road, Madisonville, TN 37354.

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