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How To Fish A Fluke For Bass

How to fish with a fluke, or soft plastic jerk bait, like a pro to catch more bass. And, . What’s the best hook for a fluke, what rod and reel, and which techniques work best.

, but now there are many different colors and brands to choose from. My favorite color fluke for bass fishing, as you’ll see in this video, is watermelon red.

In this video, you’ll learn Professional Bass Charter Chuck Pippin’s most productive technique called “dead sticking”. It’s best used in open/deep water for suspended Bass.

Time needed: 1 minute.

How to fish with a fluke, or soft plastic jerk bait, like a pro to catch more bass. And, .

  1. Use a Palomar knot to tie on a 4/0 offset extra wide gap hook.

    We use a medium heavy action 6 ft to 7 ft rod. Using either

  2. Our favorite color is the watermelon red. This color works well in every Florida lake.

  3. Thread the hook straight down the top of the fluke pulling the knot into the fluke.

  4. Push the hook into the belly of the fluke with the tail arched down. Do not puncture the fluke

    The arch in the fluke keeps the bait from spinning. And will help keep the bait to dive down.

  5. Cast your fluke and let it sink to the zone where the fish are biting

    This is an important step. By putting the bait in the strike zone and leaving it there, the bait will look more natural

  6. Quickly twitch your fluke two to three times and pause for about 5 seconds.

    This technique is called ‘dead sticking’. This makes the bait look like its darting away from a bass then pausing. Typically during the pause is when you will get a strike.

  7. Repeat until your bait is all the way in.

Chuck Pippin
Chuck Pippinhttp://www.chucksguideservice.com/
Chuck has been Bass fishing for a living for over 20 years as a full-time Largemouth Bass guide, using both artificial lures and live bait. You have seen Chuck fishing the FLW Tour, and the Bassmaster Opens. Additionally, Chuck appears in many ads and tv commercials for companies, such as Minn Kota and Humminbird. Sponsors: Ranger Boats, Evinrude Outboards, Minn Kota, Humminbird, 13 Fishing, Mystery Tackle Box, & Catch Co, Toho Marine & Outdoors.
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