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Goliath Fishing New Season

GOLIATH FISHING Season 4 [OFFICIAL TRAILER] Airing on ESPN every Saturday morning @7am

In the idyllic locale of Cape Coral, Florida, a zealous third-generation resident, angler, and charter captain, James Markovits, dubbed Marko, manifests an unparalleled ardor for his vocation. Marko’s deep devotion to fishing and unyielding admiration for the marine ecosystem surpasses the ordinary.

About Marko

Marko, a 34-year-old fisherman turned television producer, elucidates how his lifetime in Cape Coral has left an indelible mark on his identity. He chose the path of a professional charter captain to unveil the aquatic wonders of his everyday life to others. Marko’s video and television productions enable him to extend this sharing to an even broader audience.

Over the past four years, Marko has honed his craft in video and television production, designing engaging and enlightening content. He believes that through experiential learning, individuals gain comprehension, which fosters value. Consequently, his work transcends mere enjoyment and fish-catching, delving into evocative storytelling.

Goliath Grouper

Initially drawn to the colossal Goliath Grouper (Epinephelus itajara) through angling, Marko’s fascination soon evolved into significant conservation endeavors. These efforts aid organizations such as the Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC) in rejuvenating the dwindling population of this awe-inspiring yet vulnerable species.

Goliath Fishing

Marko emphasizes the universal appeal of the Goliath Grouper, a keystone species in South Florida. His attachment to the creature led him to name his fishing enterprise and television show after it. Marko and his team frequently collaborate with the FWC, dedicating considerable time and resources to gather data that supports Goliath Grouper’s research and preservation.

Initially distributed on digital platforms like YouTube and Amazon Prime Video, Goliath Fishing television is entering its forth season. Starting April 2, the show will be broadcasted on ESPN2 every Saturday at 7:00 am EST. Marko thanks ESPN for featuring his show in their revered Saturday morning outdoor lineup.

About Goliath Fishing

Goliath Fishing captivates its audience with exciting saltwater fishing, engaging personalities, and conservation-oriented narratives. Moreover, the show presents a cinematic experience that offers a comprehensive perspective on unfolding events. Marko’s unique approach, unafraid to employ underwater cameras or drones, provides viewers with a vivid portrayal of the breathtaking phenomena they encounter, be it an offshore feeding frenzy or a fascinating cultural aspect of a visited location.

Surprisingly, Goliath Fishing is produced by a lean team of three individuals, operating on a fraction of the budget of other fishing shows. Marko met his field producer and cinematographer, Mac Hoover, in a bait shop five years ago. Despite their young age, their fervor, ingenuity, and skill have earned them multiple television awards and an Emmy nomination. Marko and Hoover take pride in being the youngest producers on Amazon Prime, CBS, and ESPN.

How To Watch Goliath Fishing

The upcoming season of Goliath Fishing on ESPN2 promises diverse episodes and content. Viewers can look forward to footage from the breathtaking landscapes of Guatemala, as well as showcasing the abundant fisheries of South Florida. The show will delve deeper into the biology of various fish species, featuring underwater perspectives and segments on FWC research for the benefit of Florida’s anglers, residents, and visitors. The third season also boasts a lineup of intriguing and entertaining guests, including mixed martial arts superstars Tito Ortiz and Niko Price.

Marko reflects on his life, stating that he never imagined the opportunity to explore diverse fisheries and cultures, bringing his experiences and knowledge to a broad audience. He expresses immense gratitude and appreciation for his journey.

The new season of Goliath Fishing will premiere on ESPN2 at 7:00 am EST on Saturday, April 2. Previous seasons can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video. Engage in conversation with Captain Marko and Goliath Fishing by visiting the following:

Website: goliathfishing.com 
YouTube: Goliath Fishing YouTube
Instagram: Goliath Fishing Instagram

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