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Shimano New Additions to Freshwater Lure Lineup

Shimano Utilizes Patented Technologies in New Additions to Freshwater Lure Lineup


Shimano Utilizes Patented Technologies in New Additions to Freshwater Lure Lineup

New models and color options expand industry-leading hard bait catalog

March 16, 2023 – Charleston, SC Shimano, a longtime manufacturer of industry-leading fishing tackle, is proud to announce expansions to its extensive lineup of freshwater hard baits. These product offerings are geared towards freshwater anglers looking to entice trophy bites when it matters most. 

Shimano’s revolutionary patented BOOST CONCEPT lure technology features throughout the full catalog of hard bait additions. FLASH BOOST and SCALE BOOST technologies work to mimic the movements, behavior, and realistic patterns of baitfish, enticing bites from even the most finicky of fish. JET BOOST increases casting distance and accuracy compared to a lure of similar size, delivering the upper hand to Shimano hard bait lure anglers.

Enber 60SP FP: Available in nine fish-catching colors, the Enber 60SP FP is as versatile a jerkbait as can be found on the market today. Weighing in at ⅕ ounces, the extended tail profile of the bait perfectly mimics the profile of multiple common baitfish species while descending to a depth of six feet. The Enber 60SP FP allows anglers to target a gamut of freshwater species with various techniques. FLASH BOOST technology creates an enticing flash during the retrieve, while SCALE BOOST technology provides lifelike baitfish patterns. Anglers can choose to fish the bait with a classic twitch and pause retrieve or a straight reel back to the boat technique, while big water walleye anglers will be impressed with the trolling capabilities of the Enber 60SP FPt. MSRP: $18.99

Enber 60SP Flash Boost

World Rush 56F FB: Attracting bites from trophy fish is the name of the game with the World Rush 56F FB. This ½ ounce square bill is ideal for covering water and targeting active fish in heavy cover down to five feet. The hybrid edge square bill provides durable performance, allowing the lure to deflect off structures and quickly recover its tight wobble to trigger reactive strikes. The WorldRush 56F FB utilizes Shimano’s proprietary FLASH BOOST technology, which casts a fish-attracting flash during the retrieve. Available in ten colors. MSRP: $17.99

World Rush 56F FB
World Rush 56F FB

Zumverno 95SP: Expanding Shimano’s lineup of freshwater lures, the Zumverno 95SP FB is the ideal jerkbait for anglers needing to downsize to match the conditions. This ⅓ ounce bait measures a compact 3.7 inches and descends to five feet. The wide bill design provides an enticing side-to-side darting action and subtle rolling motion to trigger trophy strikes. The hallmark of the Zumverno lineup is the realistic appearance thanks to its ten color variations and use of proprietary BOOST CONCEPT lure technology. FLASH BOOST technology releases a flash during the retrieve, while SCALE BOOST technology perfectly mimics a wounded baitfish. JET BOOST enhances the lure’s casting range, allowing anglers to efficiently cover water. MSRP: $18.99

Zumverno 95SP
Zumverno 95SP

World Diver 99SPA favorite of serious anglers everywhere, the World Diver 99SP series is adding two new colors. With the addition of S HASU and ST CHIAYU, the suspending jerk bait is now available in 12 premium color options. Weighing ⅝ ounces and diving to depths of eight feet, this bait utilizes FLASH BOOST technology to trigger strikes with a lifelike flash. The small profile and depth range make the World Diver 99SP a great option for suspending fish. MSRP: $19.99

World Diver 99SP
World Diver 99SP

World Minnow 115 SPThe legendary World Minnow 115 SP suspended jerkbait comes feature-packed with Shimano lure technologies. With the introduction of S HASU and ST CHIAYU, Shimano adds to a robust selection of colors. The side-to-side erratic diving action–down to 4-6 feet–paired with FLASH BOOST technology elicits aggressive bites from trophy bass. Additionally, the World Minnow 115 SP can cast 22% farther than similar baits its size. MSRP: $19.99

World Minnow 115 SP
World Minnow 115 SP

Sephia Clinch Flash Boost: For saltwater anglers, Shimano is proud to integrate their patented FLASH BOOST technology into a squid jig. Available in six proven colors. MSRP: $10.50

Sephia Clinch Flash Boost
Sephia Clinch Flash Boost

About Shimano North America Fishing

Since 1970, Shimano has been a global manufacturer of industry-leading fishing tackle systems built for anglers compelled by experiences on the water. Shimano designs, manufactures, and markets a deep lineup of angling-specific products focused on promoting health and happiness through the enjoyment of nature and the world around us. The company proudly maintains a portfolio of four consumer-preferred brands: Shimano, G.Loomis, Jackall, and PowerPro. You can learn more at https://fish.shimano.com/en-US or follow on social @fish_shimano_north_america, @fishgloomis, @jackall_usa, and @fishpowerpro.

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