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The Flagship 21-Ft Bass Boat Buyers Guide

Every 21ft Bass Boat From The Bassmaster Classic & Expo

Bass fishing enthusiasts are always looking for the latest and greatest equipment to help them catch the biggest fish. One of the most important pieces of equipment for any comfort focused angler is the “flagship” 21-foot bass boats. The 21-foot bass boat, often considered the “Cadillac” of bass boats. The 21-foot bass boat is one of the most popular sizes for those looking for the absolute best ride, comfort and stability on the water performance.

Bassmaster Classic 2023 Presented by Toyota

At the 2023 Bassmaster Classic Expo held in Knoxville, TN, one particular 21-foot bass boat stole the show: the “Flagship” 21-foot bass boats. The 21-foot boat is designed with the latest technology and features to give anglers the ultimate fishing experience. From the spacious deck to the ample storage and livewell, every aspect of the “Flagship” was designed with the angler in mind.

Overall, the 21-foot “Flagship” bass boat is an impressive vessel that is sure to make any angler’s fishing trip more enjoyable and productive. With its combination of comfort, stability, and fishing features, it is the ultimate tool for serious bass fishermen who demand the very best from their equipment.

21 Bass Boat Manufacture’s Specs

ManufacturerModelLengthMax HPBeamFuel
Bass CatLynx20′ 8″30096″60 gal
Blazer650 Pro Tour21′ 4″30096″50 gal
Bullet21XRS21′ 10″25091″35 gal
CaymasCX21 Pro21′ 4″30096″44 gal
Falcon BoatsF21 Predator21′ 3″25099″50 gal
iKonLX2121′ 10″25098″50 gal
NitroZ21 XL Pro21′ 2″30095″60 gal
Phoenix21PHX21′ 6″25096″44 gal
Ranger621FS Pro21′ 10″400102″56 gal
SkeeterFXR21 Apex21′ 4″25097″48 gal
VexusVX2121′ 11″30097″58 gal
xpress boatsX2121′ 10″25095″40 gal

Bass Cat Lynx

Introducing the 2021 Lynx, a meticulously tailored model with hulls specifically designed to complement today’s engines. We pride ourselves on our innovative approach, ensuring the Lynx offers optimal storage and deck space at both ends of the boat. The bow features a wedge-shaped center rod box, accommodating 15 to 20 rods up to 9 feet (2) long. This central rod box also has space for up to 11 of those 700 series boxes. As with many of our models, port rod storage is available, alongside ample starboard storage for all your tournament essentials, including helmets.

Bass Cat Lynx
Bass Cat Lynx

Bass Cat Overview of the Lynx Bass Boat

The aft storage area expertly utilizes every inch of available space, while the boat’s extended hull line and pronounced bow rise create a stable platform for both fishing and cruising. The Lynx effortlessly glides over the next wave when other boats falter. If you’re seeking a Bass Cat boat that offers ample room and excels in rough waters, the Lynx is the answer to your dreams.

More Information: https://basscat.com/bass-cat-models/lynx/

Blazer 650 Pro Tour

Blazer 650 Pro Tour
Blazer 650 Pro Tour

Blazer Overview of the 650 Pro Tour Bass Boat

Best bass boats. Bigger, wider, bolder than the rest.

Introducing the new Blazer 650 Pro Tour bass boat, an exceptional upgrade from its predecessors. With a longer and wider design, this boat still delivers the high-performance standards that Blazer’s best bass boats are known for.

The Blazer 650 Pro Tour is built to cater to the needs of tournament anglers at every level, from weekend anglers to professional bass fishermen. Loaded with features that are essential for optimal performance on the water, this boat is sure to give anglers the competitive edge they need.

For More Information: https://www.blazerboats.com/

Bullet 21XRS

The Bullet 21XRS Bass Boat is designed to cater to the needs of tournament anglers, recreational fishermen, and boat enthusiasts. This boat is highly anticipated by both existing Bullet owners and new customers.

Bullet Boats 21XRS
Bullet Boats 21XRS

Bullet Overview of the 21 XRS Bass Boat

The Bullet 21XRS incorporates the best features of the existing Bullet line to create a top-of-the-line vessel. The hull is based on the proven performance of the 21′ 10 line, which has been known since 1986 for its exceptional fuel efficiency and ability to handle rough waters. The sleek styling of the 21SS is also incorporated into the design.

The deck layout of the Bullet 21XRS is optimized for fishing, providing a large and easily accessible fishing platform with ample storage space. Overall, the Bullet 21XRS is a must-have for anyone who wants a high-performing and stylish bass boat.

For More Information: https://www.bulletboats.com/21xrs-fishing-boat.html

Caymas CX21 Pro

The CX 21 outshines its rivals with its unparalleled comfort in rough waters, accurate handling, innovative storage solutions, and unrivaled fishability fit for tournament victories. Equipped with waterproof fiberglass compartments and an expansive, cushioned front deck as standard features, the CX 21 is perfect for those looking to outperform their competition. Experience the Caymas CX 21 for yourself by visiting an authorized Caymas dealer today!

Caymas CX21
Caymas CX21

The CX 21 PRO model assembles eight of the most sought-after tournament equipment options into a single, premium package! In addition to the already extensive list of standard features found on the CX 21, the Pro package further amplifies your competitive advantage.

More Information: https://caymasboats.com/product/cx-21-pro/

Falcon Boats F21 Predator

Falcon F21 Predator
Falcon F21 Predator

For More Information: https://falconbassboats.com

iKon LX21

iKon Boats LX21 Official Release At The 2023 Bassmaster Classic & Expo.

The iKon Boats LX21 is a 21-foot, 10-inch bass boat designed with the avid angler in mind. Boasting a 98-inch beam and an innovative two-piece flexible architecture. The LX21’s Stringer and deck design are specifically engineered to maximize fishing space. The additional deck space will draw attention at the 2023 Academy Sports + Outdoors Bassmaster Classic presented by Toyota.

ikon LX21 Bass Boat
ikon LX21

A few notables:

iKonic Terrain: (iT) stringer and deck design equals more space than any other 21-foot boat. L2 Livewell System: Patented system that uses technology to protect fish during and after a tournament. Hydrodynamic Stabilizer SystemTM (HSS) Hull: Developed for a smooth ride and with performance handling on any body of water.
E-seat System: Cradles the body, incredibly comfortable for long days on the water.
Helm/Cockpit: Incredible integration of an easy to use automation system
Trailer/Storage: Custom Boatmate Trailer with the strongest warranty in the industry

For More Information: https://ikonboats.com/lx21/

Nitro Z21 XL Pro

The Nitro Z Series is a range of top-quality fiberglass bass boats that are specifically designed to elevate an angler’s performance to their very best level. Each Z Series boat is equipped with essential features and benefits to help anglers gain a competitive edge and succeed in local competitions, high school and college events, as well as national tournaments such as Bassmaster and MLF.

Nitro Z21 XL Pro
Nitro Z21 XL Pro

Furthermore, every Nitro Z Series boat is built to be exceptionally strong and resilient, ensuring that even the toughest weather conditions cannot impede your success on the water. With the Nitro Z Series, you can unlock your inner champion and achieve your full potential as a bass angler.

For More Information: https://www.nitro.com/bass.html

Phoenix 21PHX

Introducing the Phoenix Boats 21 PHX from the PHX Series, a meticulously designed fishing vessel created to maximize efficiency on the water. This boat features a massive central storage compartment with built-in rod storage, ensuring that anglers have everything they need right at their fingertips. Additionally, a conveniently located day box in front of the driver’s console offers quick access to your go-to baits.

Phoenix Boats 21 PHX
Phoenix Boats 21 PHX

The completely redesigned driver’s console and bow shroud now have the ability to accommodate larger flush-mounted graphs, providing you with all the necessary information for a successful fishing trip. These innovative features, built upon the trusted foundation favored by elite anglers, combine to create the ultimate fishing platform available today.

For More Information: https://phoenixbassboats.com

Ranger 621FS Pro

Introducing the Ranger 2023 621FS Pro bass boat, a powerful and versatile vessel designed for large water bodies that offers unmatched fishability and an unrivaled pedigree. When equipped with a 400-horsepower Mercury engine, the 621FS PRO surpasses all competitors in its class, providing an unparalleled fishing experience whether you’re utilizing the kicker or trolling motor. The boat’s power extends beyond the outboard engine, as the standard Ranger RIDE system offers real-time insights and control over all major boat functions and engine information. With large screen displays at both the bow and console, you’ll gain an advantage over fish while the boat’s legendary construction quality ensures that it’s ready to tackle waves and outpace the competition.

Ranger 621FS Pro
Ranger 621FS Pro

Ranger Boats Overview of the 621FS Pro

The spacious 21-foot Deep V cockpit features a full non-skid surface and boasts the largest storage capacity in its class. You can store numerous tackle boxes in the saddle compartments and up to 8’6″ long rods in the lockable center and port rod boxes. In addition, twin passenger glove boxes and a driver’s footrest storage area ensure that essential items remain hidden and dry, while multiple tool and cup holders keep other necessities within reach.

The smooth and powerful performance of the 621FS PRO, combined with unparalleled fishability and capability, places this bass boat firmly ahead of its competitors in every aspect. Experience a new level of power that allows you to overcome any obstacle.

For More Information: https://www.rangerboats.com

Skeeter 75th Anniversary FXR21 Apex Bass Boat

The ultimate boat for elite anglers with virtually every premium feature in a single package. Introducing the 2023 Skeeter 75th Anniversary Edition FXR21 APEX. We’re celebrating with this special classic black color package for a sleek and powerful look that’s sure to intimidate on the water. Features an exclusive black semi-metallic gel coat with satin gold emblems.

2023 Skeeter 75th Anniversary Fxr21 Apex Bass Boat
2023 Skeeter 75th Anniversary FXR21 Apex Bass Boat

The APEX series is hard-charging, with lighter and stronger components, the result of thousands of hours spent listening, testing, and revising. Yet it’s comfortable and refined, the perfect example of how our boats are Engineered Like No Other. Visit a showroom and see for yourself the culmination of 75 years of building a better boat.

For More Information: https://www.skeeterboats.com

Vexus VX21

XV21 21′ 11 

Comments From The Vexus: All infused product, not open mold. Dependability focused. Airwave seat pedestal 

Vexus VX21
Vexus VX21

Vexus Overview of the XV21 Bass Boat

Introducing the 21-foot marvel engineered to revolutionize your boating experience – the remarkable VX21. Embrace the transformation that unfolds when you set sail in this vessel, bringing you closer to aquatic life at an unprecedented pace. Enjoy the abundance of space, exceptional maneuverability, and unparalleled angling capabilities that redefine leadership in boating.

The VX21’s debut has sparked an outpouring of enthusiasm, eliciting reactions such as “Astounding performance,” “Revolutionary,” “Remarkable ingenuity,” and “Absolutely stunning.” With its striking appearance, intelligent layout, and rewarding ride, this vessel is determined to reign supreme. It’s that straightforward – and that extraordinary.

Equipped with advanced features like Infused Composite Construction™, state-of-the-art digital instruments, including a GPS speedometer, our groundbreaking Intensive Care™ Livewell System (Patent Pending), AirWave® seat suspension technology, a strategically positioned cooler, and an unprecedented amount of bow space, it’s time to embrace the future and Escape the Dark Ages of Boatbuilding™.

Behold the VX21: Lighter, Stronger, Faster, and Smoother – a true game changer!

More Information: https://vexusboats.com/model/vx21/overview/

xpress boats X21

xpress boats X2 Pro
xpress boats X2 Pro

2022 Classic winner’s boat, the Xpress Boats Xclusive Pro Bass Series offers some of the best fishing solutions on the water. This series boasts impressive looks, fishability, storage, comfort, and, above all, performance. So, take the first step and join the Xclusive Pro Bass Series today.

Family owned all aluminum since 1966 high performance hull (hyper lift)

For More Information: https://xpressboats.com/bass/xclusive-pro-bass/

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